1.5 billion dollars in rupees

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The rupee has been on the rise since the Indian Rupee was rebranded as the Indian Lira. It was rebranded in 2014, becoming the first country in the world to do so. It is now the second most popular currency in the world, coming in behind only the US dollar. It is also among the top ten most traded currencies in the world.

But the real reason that this is surprising is that the rupee in India is actually made out of the old Indian currency called the rupee note. It is about this time that we find out that the old rupee note was actually a fake note created by the British during the colonial era.

The rupee became the world’s first national currency in 1956. By 1966, the note was replaced by a new note, which was printed only in India. The old note was then replaced with a new note, which was printed only in the new countries that had joined the then India-Pakistan war. Since then, the Indian rupee has been essentially used as a substitute for the old Indian currency.

I think I read at least a few thoughts about the rupee notes being a foreign currency for the Indian people and, in particular, the Indian people who are using them as currency-lenders.

In the new world, if you want to keep your money in a currency, you will need to keep your income in a currency. And if you want to keep your money in rupees, you’ll need to keep it in an Indian currency. You can buy Indian rupees from people like P. V. K. Sivukumar and the other Indian leaders of the world.

Sivukumar is a very well known Indian economist with a very big bank, he was the chief financial advisor to the prime minister of India and is currently the vice-chairman of the Planning Commission of India. He is also chief economist of the World Bank.

The biggest reason behind the rupee’s rise is that it’s been built into India’s economy and is a great resource to finance the development of its economy. It’s a powerful tool for developing the economy, it’s an economic engine that has brought us the world’s leading economies, but in the end, it doesn’t have a very good long term side to it.

This is the first of many things that can be said for this development. It is the largest infrastructure project in the history of India, and its also the largest land development project in Indian history, thus making it one of the most expensive infrastructure projects ever built. The project is also the largest in the world in terms of land area.

The rupee is the official currency in India. And it is also one of the most widely used currencies outside of India. Now, that’s something that can be said for every single currency world wide. But the rupee is a very unique currency in that it is not based on gold, but on paper. In the early 2000’s the rupee was around 50% of its current value. Now it is around 0.7% of its current value.

One of the reasons that this particular project is very large is because it will change the face of India forever. When you think about it, India is a country where 1.5 billion people live. And all of them are poor. This project has a very significant effect on the number of people who can afford to live in India. That effect has also had an effect on the people who live in India. Not just in terms of living, but in terms of their economic situation.

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