The world of Dungeons & Dragons is full of all sorts of creatures, people, and places. One such creature is the gnome. Gnomes are small humanoid creatures that often reside in the forest or live underground as miners. They’re typically very friendly and love to help adventurers on their quests! In this blog post, we take a look at 10 gnome names for your next D&D adventure!

The forest gnomes are known for their skill in magic. They’re a small, friendly people who live deep within the woods and can be found at the edge of most forests throughout Toril. These woodland folk are often seen as caretakers to animals and plants in their domain, making them invaluable allies to anyone brave enough to enter their territory.

Mountain gnomes come from rugged mountain ranges like those that surround Cormyr on its eastern border with Sembia or Mulhorand’s imposing southern slopes and rocky crags which form much of its frontier borders with Thay and Tethyr. This race is said to have originated when an earth genasi mated with human stock; they still bear many physical similarities to humans though

I’m going to show you a list of ten gnome names that are sure to make your next D&D adventure more memorable. These names come from the video game series Spyro, TV show Futurama, and even classic literature like Alice in Wonderland. They’re cult favorites for good reason – they are imaginative, colorful, and fun!

If you want some ideas for your gnomes we’ve got them right here:

Casper (from Casper the Friendly Ghost)

Hombre-a-mano (for an aggressive one!)

Màscara de Máscaras (A mask with masks; this is perfect if you have lots of different types of NPCs in your campaign)

Whisper (from Whispering Willows)

Dotty (from the Dottie series of children’s books by author Susan Meddaugh, including Dot and The Story Quilt)

Mightypants Beaverton II (“He has a lot of power for his size!” says Spyro in one game.)

Stinky Pete or Stinkmane (This is perfect if you have a smelly gnome!)

Corymanticus Filchblatius Filii Deitz Abominablebus Pappamicroscopii Caliginoso-Luteae Chiaicuniume Mismitiae Noxaeternum. This is a long name, so you might want to shorten it.

Wormy (from the children’s book series by Jodi Lynn Anderson)

Odd-eyed Opal (based on one of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld gnomes)

Joe Gnome or Joe Golem (JG is short for “gnomically”, after all!)

The Great and Powerful Gizmo Wonderfuldoc Nimbus II – He has plenty of titles! The third Gizmo in his lineage, he was born with an extra finger on each hand that can produce anything from rainbows to monsters. His first word was apparently ‘awesome.’ Definitely worth considering if your campaign includes lots of magic.

Gnomeo (from the film Gnomeo and Juliet)

Bolt Dweebler II – A gnomish inventor, Bolt is a choosy tinkerer with an excellent reputation for his inventions but he can be uncooperative when it comes to being creative on other people’s orders. His children are Bicker & Whirlygig Jr., who have their own names as well!

-Agnosticus Filchblatius Filii Deitz Abominablebus Pappamicroscopii Caliginoso-Luteae Chiaicuniume Mismitiae Noxaeternum: This is a long name for a gnome that is not for the faint of heart. This fellow was named by his father’s friend after an ancient story from their homeland, and it translates to ‘The Dark Gnome who Always Sleeps in Darkness.’

This list is just getting started! Keep reading more below this line.

Fidgety Pete – The name says everything you need to know about Fidgety Pete: he can’t sit still or keep silent for too long without whining loudly enough to be heard all over town (and usually with much irritation). He wears clothes made out of leaves and twigs because they are always moving around him like little pets since they’re so easy to grow as part of his garden. One day when he came home from the market, he found his favorite tree had fallen in a storm and felt so bad about it that he built a new house out of giant mushrooms for himself.

Kwak-Wak – A truly silly gnome who’s always looking for ways to make people smile (or laugh) or just be entertained by some new idea or invention. His home is filled with all sorts of curiosities, treasures, artifacts and knickknacks collected over the decades since he first began roaming the world as an explorer – you never know what might show up if you visit Kwak-Wak!

Moonbeam Joe – He has been known to spend days on end sitting silently underneath one particular willow tree outside town

“The gnome is a clever and sneaky creature, typically living in forests or underground. They are small humanoids who enjoy the company of others.”

“Gnomes have high intelligence, but they can be absent-minded at times. This leads them to scatter items around their dwellings without realizing it.”

They love playing tricks on bigger people, so make sure your characters don’t take any of this stuff lying down! Tread carefully with these names for your next D&D adventure!”

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*Ahem* In case anyone was wondering, I am a gnome.

-RoboDragon #NerdAlertBros

*Ahem* In case anyone was wondering, I am a gnome.

I like to think of myself as one with the earth and trees; however, my friends often tell me that my passion for adventure is greater than most. Gnomes are small humanoids who enjoy living in forests or undergrounds because they can be absent minded at times which causes them to scatter items around their dwellings without realizing it.”

This leads them to play tricks on bigger people so make sure your characters don’t take these names lying down! Tread carefully with these names for your next D&D adventure!”

* Ahem * In case anyone was wondering, I am a gnome.

* Ahem* In case anyone was wondering, I am a gnome.I like to think of myself as one with the Earth and

Gnome Names:

Bardolph, Beardo, Bickerton-Fizzgig, Buddi-Amora, Dibblebums, Gillianwogsworth II, Gubberdashery Jubjub IV. Harroldflanker II and Hildegarde von Cacklefur VII. Little Tootles and Lucky Pimpernelle IX. Mabeypinchington XI. Rumboldtrogdon XIV

Mavis McMurtrie XVII. Sheeppit Blinkers XIX

Snozzel O’Tuggan XXII

Winkywiggy XXIV

*Named after the Gnome’s first


-Fili, Kili and Oin from “The Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien

-Gonzo the Great (balloonist)

-Hobbie Klinsetongue

-Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man in Marvel Comics Universe

-Kenny McCormick of TV’s South Park fame is a well known gnome name among those who watch the show or play Dungeons & Dragons with any regularity or frequency at all; this is because Kenny has become one of the most frequent players on D&D live streams played over TwitchTV channels such as Critical Role or Force Grey: Giant Hunters . He also appears frequently in fan art that uses Dungeons and Dragons as a theme. -Kipling the Explorer, named after Rudyard Kipling who wrote The Jungle Book in 1894 -Mavis McMurtrie is an example of one among many gnome character names that have been taken from various book series such as Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Mavis was first mentioned in Chapter Fourteen (The Forbidden Forest) when she tried to find Dobby with Dumbledore’s help but instead found Winky there; while all three were under spells not to reveal what they had seen until it happened again, Mavis told Hermione Granger her name so that if anything bad happened to them both then at least someone would know why they weren’t returning *

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