5 Reasons Best Buy Jobs Are the End of the World as We Know It

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In this article we will be discussing five different reasons why trying to land a job at Best Buy retail stores might not be worth your time or energy. Let’s have fun finding out together just what these frightening revelations are by continuing reading on below!

The end of the world as we know it is here, my friend.

Reason # One: No Money!

The first reason that it’s not worth trying to get a job at Best Buy is the lack of money involved. They may offer you $11 dollars an hour (more than minimum wage), but there are other things in life besides just making money and surviving off of what little funds they have left over after paying for their gas, lunch, taxes and insurance premiums. You need time for yourself outside of work – without feeling guilt about taking care of your mental health or working on hobbies like writing or painting. That’s why I’m glad I decided to blog full-time instead.. except when I’m having coffee with friends every once in awhile!

Reason # Two: The Customers!

The second reason that it’s not worth trying to get a job at Best Buy is the customers. They’re rude, they don’t have any manners and they act entitled. You work in retail – you know this already. But I just can’t stand being around people who are always dissatisfied with everything and complain about how expensive things are when all they want is something cheap but then walk away from me because my product wasn’t “the best.” Those kinds of people will never be satisfied by anyone or anything – even if you gave them your last dollar bill, which would make an extra $11 dollars for yourself each hour (minus taxes).

Reason # Three: Scratch-N-Dent Goods

The third reason that it’s not worth trying to get a job at Best Buy is because you have to sell Scratch-N-Dent items. These are products which are damaged, but the company can’t afford to just dump them into landfills like they would if these were defective goods. They’re mostly sold at discount prices and often as “buy one, get two free.” But I don’t understand why customers think this is such a good deal! If there was something wrong with an item – even though we might make more money off of it – then who really wants that? Nobody will want any of those items when people start complaining about how their things break or catch on fire after using them for only three months!

The fourth reason is because they’ll make you wear a red shirt. You’re allowed to choose from any color, but the problem with this arrangement is that all of the colors are ugly! A lot of people don’t want to be seen wearing something so horribly bright and neon in front of other customers who might come into one store for computer repair or just browsing around electronics (or whatever else). It’s embarrassing enough when we have to wear our company polo shirts at work; do I really need to go out there looking like someone has smashed me over the head with a bucket full of paint? No thank you!

I’m also not sure how many people would appreciate what it feels like when my uniform keeps making me sweat more than I already do, either. It’s not that it helps me stay cool in the summer heat; on the contrary, when you’re wearing layers of clothing and a giant red shirt in this kind of weather all day long.. well, let’s just say my coworkers are probably going to be happy if we get an air conditioner for our office now!

Another problem with Best Buy jobs is that they’ll make you sign up for their company stock program without telling you what exactly you’re signing up for. When I found out later about how much money was involved and what benefits came with joining their retirement plan (which I couldn’t opt-out of), I nearly had a heart attack from anger alone! And there were other terms too, like, I couldn’t transfer my shares to someone else even if they wanted them.

The next thing is that the salary isn’t great when you factor in how much time and energy you have to put into your job. You don’t get paid for sick days or vacation days (which kind of defeats the purpose of those things), so it’s all about putting in as many hours per week as you can before moving on to another company who pays a little better– which brings me back around to what led up this whole rant: Best Buy jobs are just not worth it!

*Note: From here on out, each paragraph should be numbered with an Arabic number from one through five at the beginning of paragraphs.*

I’m sorry, but just because Best Buy is a big company doesn’t mean it’s always the best place to work. I’m not going to sit here and say that they haven’t treated me well–they have! But I also think that there are other businesses who treat their employees better than this one does. The number of hours you’re expected to put in at your job should be enough for them to pay you a decent salary without all these extra hoops (like being prohibited from transferring shares) they make you jump through.

This blog post will end with five reasons why trying to get a job at Best Buy is the end of the world as we know it:

Best Buy jobs require too much overtime

The salaries aren’t competitive

The stock options aren’t worth it

Best Buy expects employees to put in more hours than they should be expected to work.

There are better opportunities for advancement elsewhere.

This blog post will end with five reasons why trying to get a job at Best Buy is the end of the world as we know it:* * * ** # Paragraph break

* * * ** # Paragraph break

There are better opportunities for advancement elsewhere. * * * ** # Paragraph break Best Buy jobs require too much overtime and the salaries aren’t competitive. The stock options are just enough to make you feel like it may be worth your time, but in reality they don’t offer anything that other companies won’t also give. If someone takes a job at Best Buy, chances are their talents will be wasted there because of all the extra hoops (like being prohibited from transferring shares) they will have to jump through. They might as well take a stab at something else instead of settling for mediocrity or even worse: futility. If people want to spend their lives jumping through hoops with little reward, then by all means continue trying for positions at

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