5 STAR PIZZA: We Deliver The Best Pizza In Jacksonville


You read that right, five-star pizza. And we’re not just talking about the name! We’ve got a whole lot of quality ingredients and toppings to make delicious food for you. The chicken is cooked to perfection with extra olives on it. Every bite is like heaven in your mouth. Our order takers are knowledgeable and helpful, our cooks are masters at their craft, and our drivers will get your order there as fast as possible so you can enjoy it even faster! So come by today and give us a try you will be glad you did!

In the meantime, we’ll be working hard to make sure that five-star pizza is what you get every time! We do deliveries too so no matter where you are in Jacksonville, it’s possible for your order.

When people talk about delicious food delivered right to their doorsteps, they’re usually talking about five-star pizza. It doesn’t matter if you live in Jacksonville or Sarasota; one of our drivers will bring those hot slices straight to your doorstep and satisfy your hunger with all-natural ingredients and fresh toppings on a handcrafted crust. If you want something off the menu though then don’t worry because we deliver just like

At five-star pizza, we’ve got the best ingredients. From our handcrafted mozzarella cheese to our dough made fresh daily and delivered from one of the only bakeries in Florida that make its own yeast for a truly authentic taste, you’ll know something’s different as soon as you take your first bite. Our sauce is perfect too-made with vine ripe tomatoes grown right here in Jacksonville-and it’s loaded up with fresh toppings like mushrooms and onions just waiting to be slid onto crusts baked until they’re crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside. We want everyone to try five-star pizza so give us a call or stop by today!

The best pizza in Jacksonville is right here. We’re open until midnight every day of the week and deliver to all your favorite parts of town. Don’t worry because we deliver just like you would hope: piping hot and made fresh when ordered with impeccable service from a staff that takes pride in meeting your expectations 100% of the time. Call now or order online for our latest offers!

We are proud to be one of only four restaurants in Florida certified by Pizza Today as an Authentic Italian Pie Shop! You deserve nothing but the best, so come see us today for some real deal five-star flavor.

This pizza is the best one yet. Chicken with EXTRA EXTRA olives! Thank you for always being the best pizza ever. The order taker was ten out of ten, pizza maker ten out of ten, the delivery driver twelve out five (so awesome there is no scale to say how awesome he is) You consistently get my business because of both food AND service better here than any place in Jacksonville.

Best pizza in town! The service was amazing I cant wait to come back for some more food. I got a pepperoni pizza as well that took me out of my comfort zone at first but then i found myself craving it again when we left… They bring you free breadsticks that are warm and just perfect with your salad- even if it’s only for one person they still give you two rounds worth which is awesome. You also get unlimited garlic knots before your meal arrives which made us feel like royalty 🙂 I’m coming back soon!!!!!!

This place has been my go-to pizza spot for years. I’ve been there at least 20 times and the food has always been awesome. The staff is very accommodating, too!

I love five stars because of their pizza!!!! It’s super yummy!!! They also have a lot of other good stuff like onion rings that are to die for!!!!!

The best pizza ever!! My favorite was the pepperoni one with extra cheese on top it had just enough grease without being oily or greasy its so delicious ive never tasted anything better in my life! I would recommend this place 100% if your thinking about getting some be sure to get here

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