If you are looking for Muslim girl names that start with S, then this article is for you! We have a list of six incredible names that will be perfect for your daughter. These girls’ names all have meanings in Arabic and many other cultures as well. You’re sure to find the perfect name starting with “S” here!

Saba – Arabic name meaning “morning.” Saba may also refer to the Roman goddess of wisdom.

Saadya – Means “prosperity” in Hebrew, Arabic and Swahili. It is a feminine word for prosperity or success. Saadia might be pronounced as SAH-dee-uh with an emphasis on the second syllable.

Sahar – Meaning “evening” in both Kurdish and Persian languages; can also mean “immortality” if derived from Chinese roots (as it means ‘the morning star’). This is not typically used by Muslims but could potentially work for naming your daughter’s middle name!

Sarah – The most popular girl’s name in the world, based on data from 2015. It is a very old name meaning “princess” or “noblewoman.” In Hebrew it means “lady” and in Arabic, it can be translated to mean “beautiful woman of high rank.”

Sakina – Meaning peace; may also refer to an inner state of calmness between Muslims and their Creator. For example: A person who has reached the level of Ṣāliḥīyah (purity) will attain Sakīnah () which signifies that he/she has been freed from all sins.

Salima – Means ‘peaceful’ in both Arabic and Swahili languages. This could potentially work for a Muslim girl’s middle name.

Samantha – Arabic for “woman who listens” and Hebrew meaning “listens to God.” This could potentially work for a Muslim girl’s middle name.

Salma – A feminine version of the word peace in Arabic, which means that it is someone who practices being peaceful or tranquil all times. This may be an interesting choice as your daughter’s first or last name if you are looking for something more exotic but still meaningful!

Sarah-Ashaq – Meaning: One with beautiful spots / marks on her skin; also refers to a star seen at night when one looks up into the sky (see ‘nightingale’); this term was used by Arabs before Islam became prevalent and before Arabs knew about constellations.

Sara – A feminine form of the Hebrew name “Abraham” meaning: father of many nations (see ‘Sarai’). This could potentially work for a Muslim girl’s middle name.

Sabrina-Arabic origin, variant transcription “Asbruhnah”, Persian/Urdu word for water lilies or lotus flowers; this term was used by Muslims and non-Muslims alike in India long ago to refer to someone who is graceful and delicate like these blooms which are often associated with femininity. Arabic speakers translated it as Sabrin, which has been shortened into our modern day version, Sabrina! This may be an interesting choice as your daughter’s first name.

Sandra-Arabic origin, meaning: one who is priceless and valuable; this could also make for a good middle name option!

Tabitha – Arabic origin, variant transcription “Tlyba’ah”, Hebrew word for gazelle or deer (which are often associated with gracefulness); this was the Aramaic form of her original Greek name Tabatha which means ‘gazelle’. This may be an interesting choice as your daughter’s first name.

Aisha-The most common Muslim girl’s first name on earth according to some statistics found online; this can be spelled in English alphabetical order AISHAH, or more traditionally AHICHA if you prefer it that way. This would make for a great first name option and is traditionally considered to be the most popular Islamic girl’s name.

Zahra-Arabic origin, meaning: flower; this would make for an interesting choice as your daughter’s middle or first name!

Sophia – Greek origin, meaning: wisdom; this could also make for a good middle name option if you’re looking to stick with Arabic names. This was one of the Ten Commandments given by God in Exodus 20:14 (see below). It became more commonly known after it appeared in its Latin form on a papal bull issued by Pope Benedict XII in 1419 which said that all female monasteries were to be named ‘Sanctae Sophiae’, but today, this is the name of hundreds if not thousands of religious organizations worldwide.

Sara-Urdu origin, meaning: companion or friend; a lovely option for your daughter’s first name considering that it also means “princess” in Hebrew! This would be pronounced SHERRAH.

Serra – Arabic and Urdu origin, meaning: clear path or way; perfect as a middle name choice (for example after Mommy).

Sunny – English origin, meaning: radiant sunshine; this could make for an interesting middle name option if you’re looking to keep with traditional names but want something more modern too. It was popularized by actress Marilyn Monroe who had her birth certificate amended from Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe.

Sanaa – Arabic origin, meaning: a gift; this would make for such an interesting and modern middle name choice! This also is the name of one of two capital cities in Yemen as well.

Samira-Arabic origin, meaning: intelligent or wise (literally “one who listens”); perfect if you’re looking for something that doesn’t sound too traditionally Muslim but still has some cultural significance.

Oriana-Latin and Greek origin, meaning: from orientalia/east; another great option with more international ties than most other options on this list so it could work even if your family’s roots are elsewhere! It was popularized by actress Olivia Hussey.

Saba-Arabic origin, meaning: born during the month of Sivan/June; this could be an interesting choice if your daughter was born in June! This is also a country on the Horn of Africa that has both Arabic and African influences.

Salma-Arabic origin, meaning: tranquil or peaceful (literally “peaceful”); another good option for those looking for something more traditional but still easy to spell. It’s also the name of one of three holy cities in Saudi Arabia so it would make a great middle eastern connection with its origins as well.

Samira – Arabic origin, meaning: intelligent or wise (literally “one who listens”) Another solid Muslim girl names starting with s option that is often used in both the middle east and as an alternative to Samantha. It’s also a city located on the Sea of Oman!

Sara-Arabic origin, meaning: noble; this name has been around for centuries but still feels modern–and it could be spelled different ways depending on what suits your daughter better (for example Sarae or Sarah).

Selma-Arabic origin, meaning: beautiful; this one would make for a lovely middle eastern choice with its origins from Egypt. Selma was also Martin Luther King Jr.’s wife so you know she had to have some beauty about her too! This is probably best suited for those looking for something traditional yet not terribly common.

Shadia-Arabic origin, meaning: generous; this one could be a good choice for those who are drawn to the beauty of Arabic and want something more traditional. Shadia also happens to mean ‘generous’ in Arabic so that might just seal it! Shirin-Persian origin, meaning: sweet talker; while Shirin is technically used as both a girl’s or boy’s name this would probably work best with an older child due to its meanings (sweet talks). It does have roots from Iranian but it can be spelled various ways which may make it easier on your daughter if she has trouble spelling her own name when she gets older too. Sina–Nigerian/Islamic origins, meaning: peace;

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