63cm in feet

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I’ve always hated that number. It’s one of those numbers that I hear a lot and then I see one of my friends in a store and I think, “Oh my God, do you not know what that is?”.

Ive been using this as a way to keep track of the number of items that I’ve taken out, and i’ve made a few changes to it.

Because it’s an actual number (not a number of items), it makes it easier to track the amounts of stuff that Ive taken out of stores and make sure that I remember the proper numbers. For example, I started a few years ago with one foot, and Ive since switched it to 3 feet so that I know Ive taken out 3 feet worth of stuff.

This method is also good for making sure you get your items back the right way. If you take something out of store and put it in the bathroom counter then youve only taken out one foot (of the 3) worth of items. This would be a mistake, because if you go to the bathroom and put the items in the bathroom mirror then youve only taken out 2 feet of the 3 foot worth of items. So making sure that you take out the right amount is important.

That might be a good idea for a long walk. The reason I say this is because walking in your underwear is really tiring.

You can use this in your workout workout in the gym. When you go in the shower and use the washroom you can put your shoes on the toilet then you can put your underwear on the washroom floor. So instead of you taking out 3 feet of shoes, you can actually use 3 feet of underwear to get an awesome workout. It makes your entire body feel good.

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