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When you’re feeling a little too warm to be productive, there is nothing quite like curling up on the couch and watching your favorite show. Sometimes it’s hard to find new TV shows that are worth a watch. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 7 Netflix Shows on Best Breakfast Near Me that you should watch this summer!

* **”Queer Eye: Season One” *- Netflix has had a lot of great shows that are coming out this summer. The new Queer Eye show for 2018 is one of them! It’s only eight episodes, so it won’t take up too much time from all the other things you’re doing. Follow five gay men as they makeover various people in their lives to better suit what they think society wants or needs. They don’t just do clothes and hair like on other transformation type shows though; these guys touch everything from food, skin care routines, living spaces–everything anyone could ever need to be happy with themselves!

* **”Nailed It: Season Two” – If you love baking but have a hard time doing it, this is the show for you. Everything from cakes to ice cream sandwiches–these people can’t do anything right! They either make a mess of something or they just don’t have any idea what they’re getting into. The contestants are not professional chefs and bakers by trade but that might be why some of them seem really confident in their baking skills; others give up before they even start because they know how bad it’s going to turn out.

* **”The Sinner: Season One” – This creepy TV series revolves around one woman who has no memory as to what lead her down a dark path of committing murder on an annual basis every summer solstice since she was 17 years old. As detectives investigate her case, she must face the true reason behind what could be a lifelong crime spree. **

* **”The Rain: Season One and Two” – This show is set in Scandinavia where climate change has made this region an uninhabitable place to live, which prompts many people and animals to flee northward for safer grounds. The story revolves around two siblings who are survivors of that exodus with their family but now they continue on alone as refugees looking for new lives in Norway while trying not only survive but find one another again. __

-This TV series follows young men playing high school football at fictional Dillon High School from towns outside of Austin, Texas. They’re all chasing dreams of going pro even though it’s unlikely that will happen. They’re trying to stay on top of their grades and relationships with family, friends, girls- all while living in a culture where football is king __

* **”Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Season Four” – This show stars Ellie Kemper as an optimistic American woman who moves to New York City after her rescue from a doomsday cult and subsequent 15 years spent underground. It’s been hard for her to adjust but by the end of this season she’ll be running into ‘Big Apple’ life headfirst __

The opening scene sets the tone nicely, it features our protagonist waking up at around noon (a time not often associated with fresh starts) and going through his morning routine before arriving at his job __

* **”GLOW: Season Two” – The second season of this comedy has it all- the drama, the laughs and more. But it’s really about these women coming together to form a wrestling team __

The show tackles topics like sexism in Hollywood, what happens when you’re not ‘pretty enough’ for an audition or if your ambitions don’t match those of your parents __

* **”Terrace House: Opening New Doors (Part One)” – This is dubbed as being “the most dramatic opening episode yet.” It continues with six men and six new ladies living under one roof while facing different trials__

Content Ideas: What are some shows you can watch on Netflix?

I’ve already watched the first two seasons of Stranger Things and I’m still debating whether or not to continue watching.

The latest season was released on July 15th, so you have time – it’s only eight episodes long!

It feels like a nice way for summer to end..but if you’re anything like me, waiting will kill you. You’ll be counting down until October just as much as we are! If that sounds familiar then don’t worry because today I am going to share my top seven picks with you all in hopes that each one sparks your interest enough for at least one binge-watching session during this hot summer month (or however many months left!). This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are a few of my favorites!

– Stranger Things, Season One and Two: The show was released in 2016 and is an award winning Netflix original that has become very popular for it’s 80s feel with 1980s pop culture references. It is about the disappearance of Will Byers (played by Noah Schnapp), but we get to watch Eleven on her journey while she tries to save him from this other worldly being. This show will have you feeling nostalgic for your high school days which I think many people can relate too – or even if not, you’ll want to go back after watching any episode because it makes anyone who watches instantly fall in love with all these characters as they try their best to find out what happened.

– Haters Back Off! Season One: This show is about a young girl named Miranda who has just been accepted to college for her dreams. She’s the youngest character in this show, but she also might be one of my favorites because we get to see every little step and hiccup along the way that comes with trying out life on your own. I love how it never pushes you into thinking there are any “right or wrong” answers when it comes to choosing what field of study you want – even if that means walking away from all those years at school and pursuing something else entirely.

– Stranger Things: Season Two: It was released October 27th so now everyone can binge watch it until they’re up late again. Season Two has a lot of tension and twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I would also recommend playing some horror games while watching this show to get even more into it!

– 13 Reasons Why: Season One: This is one intense, emotional watch – but it’s really worth taking a look at what goes down in high school, from bullying to tragedy. The first season tells the story about Hannah Baker who records thirteen tapes for her friends explaining why she killed herself with their involvement detailed on each tape. In addition, they have characters dealing with issues such as rape, mental illness and cyberbullying so there are plenty of topics discussed in this show.

– Orange Is The New Black: Season Six Aquarius: This is a new series about the life and times of one man, Charles Manson. It’s directed by David Duchovny (Dawson’s Creek). Ready to be creeped out in an intriguing way? Catch up on this show! Maddman: This is a Netflix original that you should add to your list. Directed by Ben Wheatley who also directs A Field In England, Kill List, Sightseers and Free Fire. Thrill-seeking people can watch as a group of friends crisscrosses London for fun while being hunted down over night with guns blaring from all sides. Sounds like it’ll make for some great couch cuddles during those dark

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