7 Can’t Miss Netflix Shows on Best Breakfast Near Me

Each month Netflix releases a new series for its subscribers to binge-watch. This includes the popular Stranger Things, which is arguably one of the best shows on Netflix right now. In this blog post, we will be discussing 7 can’t miss Netflix shows and their corresponding breakfast recommendations near me. So sit back and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you read about our favorite TV show picks!

* Stranger Things, “A show about a group of people living in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in 1983 who try to solve the mystery of a missing child.” – The Corner Café on Main Street

* American Vandal, “An eight-episode true crime satire series that uncovers one high school student’s path through an inept and corrupt system” – Fatboy’s Diner & Sports Bar: Breakfast All Day.

* Bloodline, “The Rayburn family lives under constant threat from its dark past; old sins cast long shadows” – Oggi Pizzeria: Pizza for Lunch or Dinner with Family.

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– **Stranger Things: Season One (Netflix Original)** –

The Duffer brothers’ nostalgic 1980s thriller that feels like a cross between Steven Spielberg and Stephen King. It’s set in small town Indiana where the mysterious disappearance of a young boy sets off an intense manhunt led by police chief Jim Hopper. What starts as one missing person case turns into something far more vast, complex and frightening: an all encompassing government conspiracy with terrifying implications for those living on Earth. The stranger things are indeed out there–and they’re coming to get you!

This is not your average sci-fi series but it has some really great elements from 80s movies such as *Stand By Me* or *E.T. The Extra Terrestrial*. What I love about this show is the character development and how it feels like a coming of age tale set in an epic sci-fi thriller.

I also think that Hawkins, Indiana has one of the most believable small town’s since they make sure to feature lots of little details such as what stores are around or even just shot glasses on bar counters. It makes me feel nostalgic for my hometown which is always nice because you don’t get that feeling from many tv shows these days.

*The Walking Dead*: Season One (Netflix Original) –

One man struggles to survive a zombie apocalypse–and find his family–in postapocalyptic Georgia after Atlanta falls. He sets out alone on foot across

The first episode of Black Mirror is a reflection on the power technology has over our lives. It’s clever, gripping and downright terrifying as it explores what might happen if some aspects of society go too far with their use of social media and other technologies.

This show will have you second-guessing everything from your own life to how we handle money in society when something goes wrong. If you’re looking for an intense experience that will leave you thinking about more than just best breakfast near me – this is the one!

Here are four more Netflix shows worth watching:

Stranger Things tells the story of 12 year old Will who vanishes into thin air after being out biking around his neighbourhood one day. His mother Joyce and his group of friends are desperate to figure out what happened and the show follows their journey, uncovering all sorts of dark secrets in Hawkins along the way.

The OA is weird but good! It’s an interesting blend of mystery, suspense and sci-fi that will keep you guessing until the end.

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy has been a runaway hit since it was first aired back in 2003 – with four more seasons added on after then too! The premise is pretty simple: five gay men give one straight man (or woman) a much-needed makeover by tackling everything from fashion sense to living space decoration. Whether or not this reality TV series can really change someone’s life remains up for debate..

Weeds, created by Jenji Kohan and starring Mary Louise Parker as Nancy Botwin, a single mother of two who becomes an unlikely marijuana dealer to support her family. She starts small and then builds up a huge operation with the help of her son’s heroin-addicted friend Silas (played by Hunter Parrish).

Breaking Bad is one for our all time favourite TV series – it really doesn’t get any more epic than this! Walter White (aka Heisenberg) was just your average high school chemistry teacher until he got diagnosed with cancer. And when his life insurance policy wouldn’t cover enough for him to pay for his medical bills without jeopardizing its ability to take care of his pregnant wife, he decided

– Buying food is a great way to build relationships and connect with others.

– The best breakfast near me connects people, helps them grow closer together, and creates memories that last for years.

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