7 Tips for Successfully Working From Home When You’re in the Spooky Names Industry

Are you employed by a company that specializes in the spooky names industry? No matter how much your company values you, there is always a chance that they’ll want to hire someone else who has more experience. In order to keep your job and not be replaced with an outsider, here are 7 ways for successfully working from home when you’re in the spooky names industry:

1) Get up early.

2) Dress well.

3) Make sure your space is clean and inviting.

4) Maintain good posture at all times (even while sitting).

5) Keep yourself busy during down time so as not to get bored or tired of being at home all day.


You will need to write the following:

– Explain why it’s important for people in your industry to work from home.

– List at least three tips you might have that can help them successfully do so.

– Make sure each tip is explained clearly and succinctly before giving another one.

– Start a new list of items with numbers (e.g., #, #, #) and make sure each tip is explained clearly before giving another one.

– Dress well when you’re at home so that clients can trust you by looking at you online or on a phone call as if they were seeing you in person. It’s not just about the clothes though; it’s also about how clean your space is (you don’t want any dirty dishes or piles of laundry around), what type of furniture/decorating style there is, etc – these all add up to either a welcoming atmosphere or an uninviting one which could affect whether someone decides to do business with you based on their first impression alone!

– Have a plan and timeline for what you’re going to do each day. It’s easy to lose track of time when working from home, so be sure that your entire day has a set purpose (i.e., “I’ll work on these tasks today”) and then stick to it!

– Use the internet as much as possible – both in terms of research and taking advantage of all its resources like webinars or live chats with experts, but also try out new things by downloading apps that don’t require any sort of face-to-face interaction/traveling. You never know which one will turn into an incredible opportunity just because you took the chance!


By Radhe Gupta

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