If you’re looking for a baby girl’s name, then you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled 9 of the best names for girls in Telugu that are sure to get your attention! Check out these amazing names and find one perfect for your little bundle of joy.

1) Smita: This is an extremely popular feminine name in India and it means “beautiful”. It’s also related to the word smitha which means “to smile”.

2) Suhani: This is another great feminine name that was derived from Shiva’s consort – Parvati. The meaning behind this Sanskrit name is “the beautiful one” or “the awesome one.” It can be spelled as Shweta, Sweti, Suwetha or Sugandha.

You can also check out these top names in Telugu:

-Niveditha (meaning “the one who fulfills wishes”)

-Ramanjaneyalu (“flowers from the garden of Rama and Shyamala”)

-Srividya(“beautiful goddess Siva’s wife”)

-Vasantha(may mean “perpetual springtime” – perfect for a baby girl!)”

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