Archer is an American animated television series that airs on the FX network. The show follows the exploits of self-centered spy, Sterling Archer, and his colleagues at ISIS. This blog post presents 9 stories for fans of the show who want to learn more about these characters through their names.

Story One: “Archer”

The name of the show, Archer is a fitting title for Sterling’s character. The word archery can refer to either shooting arrows from one or more bows (a sport with origins in ancient civilizations) or shooting bullets from rifles and other firearms (an activity used by armies). Either way, it fits well as an alias for this spy protagonist.

An article on Mental Floss notes that there are some theories on where the surname came from–perhaps it was chosen because another major protagonist has been called Bond since Ian Fleming wrote his first novel back in 1953? Or maybe creator Adam Reed simply thought it sounds like someone who would own a quiver full of arrows.

One thing we know for sure: We love Archer, and these are just a few of our favorite stories about the show.

– “Archer Season Nine Premiere Review: ‘Danger Island'” by Mitch Colker for TV Guide – The premiere episode was full of laughs but also managed to get in some good plot points with Krieger’s backstory as well as an introduction to Danger Island. It is still unclear what Hilda has been up to since she left ISIS though..

– “The Best Heroine on TV” by Tanya Ghahremani for New York Magazine – Mallory doesn’t do much other than bemoan her fate and send out passive aggressive tweets at Archer all day long. But it turns out that like most bad girls, Mallory has a heart of gold.

– “Archer Is Smarter Than You Think” by Todd VanDerWerff for Vox – “What if I told you that Archer is secretly one of the smartest shows on TV?” And with this sentence, Todd van der Werff began an article about how there are really two different takes on each episode: One where he analyzes it as a critic and then another in which he sums up what happened without giving much context or analysis at all. It’s not convoluted to follow either way–in fact, both versions make sense and have their merits.

One thing we know for sure: We love Archer, and these are just a few of our favorite

This week we’re highlighting some of the best Archer-themed stories on Wattpad.

You haven’t read these yet, but you should!

Title: But You Said It Was Just a Cold? (Archer X Reader) by Lazerbeamers

Description: When Pam and Cheryl tell Archer to empathize with his subordinates for once, he has an idea that involves him getting sick so they can see what it’s like. As usual, things don’t go as planned and Archer ends up catching something more serious than just a cold. He needs someone who doesn’t resent him—someone willing to take care of him no matter how much it annoys them—to nurse him back to health from the comfort of their couch.

This story is a modern take on the classic fairy tale, The Little Mermaid. This female protagonist falls in love with an attractive prince who has to marry someone else–a princess from a neighboring kingdom (much like Ariel and Eric). She can’t just let him go so she makes a deal with this mermaid witch that if he marries her instead, then one day after they’re married she’ll be able to get legs again too.. But it doesn’t quite work out the way our protagonist planned because even though she’s now walking upright and living at his side as his wife by law, he still won’t recognize her or touch her no matter how hard she tries! Our protagonist decides to set

– Archer is a show about an international spy agency and the lives of its employees. It’s hilarious, it’s surreal, and each week brings new absurdist adventures for Sterling Archer (voice by H. Jon Benjamin), Lana Kane (Aisha Tyler) – his bossy but caring mommy dearest; Malory Archer (Jessica Walter); Ray Gillette (Adam Reed), Pam Poovey (Amber Nash).

– The series features four main voice actors: H. Jon Benjamin as the highly skilled yet incredibly vain master spy codenamed “Archer;” Jessica Walter as his domineering mother and secret agent who runs ISIS; Aisha Tyler as fellow agent Lana Kane with whom he shares a complicated relationship that often blurs the line between professional and personal; and Adam Reed as Ray Gillette, their co-worker who does a lot of heavy lifting.

– It is currently in its eighth season on FX. The show has been nominated for many awards over the years including one Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Animated Program (2013). In 2017 it was renewed by FXX through 2020 with an order of thirteen new episodes.

Content: If you’re looking to get into Archer or other fun animated shows that are perfect to binge this summer, these recommendations will have your back! There’s plenty more where they came from so don’t be shy about checking out our archives page here at Beyond TV Land if you want to see what we’ve covered before.

– Archer is the animated series that follows a group of spies as they complete missions. There are six members in all who work from their headquarters at ISIS, and each have their own unique personality traits. They make for an excellent team with lots of laughs – even if things don’t always go according to plan!

Content: A roundup of some good reads about espionage, crime solving science or any other topics that might be on your mind this season..

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We’ll start with Archer, the animated TV series that’s been airing on FX since 2009. Set at ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service), it follows a group of spies who live together and work missions as they complete them. There are six members in all who work from their headquarters at ISIS, and each have their own unique personality traits – which make for an excellent team with lots of laughs even if things don’t always go according to plan! The show is known for its witty humor mixed into some action-packed episodes – plus the voice actors behind these characters provide some stellar performances too. We’re really looking forward to season eight right now; hopefully you’ve already caught up?

Next up The Archer Cast: -Adam Reed (Creator) -Aisha Tyler (Voice of Lana Kane) -Jessica Walter (Voice of Malory Archer) -H. Jon Benjamin (Voice of Sterling Archer, aka the main protagonist and hero) -“Jon Hamm” as “Sam Axe” in Season One Episode Sixteen: Dial M for Mother . He’s “the best damn private eye that ever lived” according to a jealous Malory when she first meets him. In episode 17 he helps her find out who stole from ISIS while they were trying to figure out what happened with their pension plan which was stolen by Cyril on behalf of his shady brother Denethelo

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