9 Places To Get Delicious Gyros Near You

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Gyros are a delicious and popular dish from Greece that has been adopted in other parts of the world. Gyros can be made with lamb, beef, chicken, or pork and typically served on a flatbread with tomato, onion, tzatziki sauce, lettuce and wrapped up like a burrito. In this blog post, we will share nine places to get gyros near you!

Grecian Gyros

The Greeks know where to find the best gyro for miles! Grecian Gyro is a restaurant that has been serving up authentic Mediterranean dishes and delicious gyros since 1975. Go in for lunch or dinner and enjoy your meal with live music, billiards, and darts lighting at this family-friendly establishment. Make sure you order one of their signature cocktails too!

Baja Fresh Mexican Grill

Mexican food lovers rejoice because Baja Fresh offers both traditional tacos as well as an assortment of other mouthwatering menu options like burritos, soups, salads, bowls, and more! Their gyro plate includes seasoned ground beef which is wrapped in pita bread alongside lettuce tomato onion and tzatziki sauce with a side of fries or black beans.

Odyssey Gyros & Souvlaki

If you’re looking for the best gyro sandwich in town, look no further! Odyssey is not only well known as one of Long Island’s favorite late-night spots but also for the authentic Greek food that they offer throughout the day. Their menu includes soups salads, pasta, and delicious gyros paired with a refreshing salad or yummy pita bread ipses to finish off your meal. You Gotta Eat Here! on Main Street You can’t go wrong at this restaurant which serves up fresh Mediterranean dishes including delightful chicken kebabs served over rice pilaf finished off with cucumber sauce, gyros, and the most delicious garlic butter pita bread.

The Olive Tree Cafe

One of Dallas’s longest standing restaurants is a must when you’re looking for authentic Mediterranean dishes including exquisite kebabs served over rice pilaf with cucumber sauce, crispy falafel or warm spinach pies.

Cafe Sofia Restaurant & Lounge

If it has to do with Greek food then this place will make your mouth water! This restaurant is well known as one of Houston’s top spots serving up breakfast lunch and dinner featuring some traditional favorites like lamb chops grilled whole fish served on a bed of saffron rice topped off with feta cheese kalamata olives lemon wedges fresh herbs pesto potatoes tomatoes eggplant yogurt sauce and more!

The Mediterranean Grill

At the Mediterranean Grill, they have a wide variety of authentic dishes including falafel wraps gyros salads lamb kebabs chicken kabobs. They also offer traditional desserts like baklava to meet all your sweet tooth needs.

El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant

If you’re looking for something different other than typical TexMex then El Ranchito is a great option! This restaurant offers up some amazing options that are sure not disappoint whether it be their homemade tortillas or signature dish which we recommend trying if you haven’t already–the delectable beef barbacoa tacos served with onions cilantro lime juice on corn tortilla shells topped off with avocados sour cream peppers and cheese!

Palmiers Lebanese Cuisine

This place is a true gem in the heart of Houston. They offer up some incredible appetizers like kibbeh and hummus, but we recommend trying their signature dish which features marinated chicken shawarma served with rice tabbouleh salad garlic sauce wrapped in savory Lebanese pita bread–yum!

Zaza Fine Greek Mediterranean Food & Wine

It’s impossible to talk about gyros without mentioning Zaza. This restaurant offers authentic dishes that are sure to satisfy your appetite whether it be something light such as falafel or more filling options such as lamb chops. If you’re not feeling so hungry they also have sandwiches for those on the go who need a quick fix.

Kabob Express

There’s nothing better than enjoying a nice chat over lunch at Kabob express while they prepare fresh food right before your eyes–and people say there are no good restaurants around! The best part about this restaurant? It offers plenty of vegetarian options so even those who don’t eat meat can feel satisfied after eating here which makes us happy because we can’t live without our meat!

Gyros Factory

When you’re in the mood for gyros, Gyro’s factory is where to go–and they’ve got some specialties that are going to blow your mind. Try their filet mignon and shrimp combo gyro or any of their specialty sandwiches like a Turkey Reuben if you want something more than what standard gyros have to offer. If it’s been a while since you had one of these delicious dishes then this place will make sure your love affair with them never ends because we know once you indulge here, there’ll be no looking back.

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