aani rogam

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Aani rogam is a Korean dish that uses a mix of bulgogi (bulgur wheat noodles) and soba noodles. The result is a warm noodley dish that is satisfying on taste, texture, and appearance.

I’ve been eating it for years but I had to ask the folks at Aani Rogam to tell me a little bit more about how it’s made. According to Aani Rogam, it’s all done in a restaurant. When you open the shop and see the beautiful, fluffy noodles, you think, “Oh, that’s pretty, I wonder how they did it with bulgogi? Maybe we should try it.

Aani Rogam is actually much more than a restaurant. Their shop is actually a whole community called Aani Rogam Korea. This is the place where they sell not only their noodles but also their cookware. There are a lot of Korean restaurants around, but Aani Rogam seems to be the best one out there.

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