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It is important to understand that the majority of the people who read my blog are in the United States and the majority of the people who purchase my items are in the United States. I love to interact with people in the United States because they are willing to pay for my services.

The main reason my purchase is available is, if you’re a developer or a designer, and you like a bit of the stuff, that it’s the best way to get your work into the hands of people who are willing to pay for it. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a piece of artwork out of someone or something I’ve worked on for years.

For example, in the past Ive gotten a few pieces of art from artists out of Asia who were willing to pay me for them. There are some artists Ive been able to get from Germany who are also willing to pay for my artwork. Of course, because I dont have to do anything for a bit, I have a bit of a tendency to be a bit more lazy and not actually provide the work.

Well, Ive got a lot of work to do and it’s really nice to finally get some art, but I think it’s also really nice to get it out there.

Yeah, if you want to get art, you have to get it from a certain place. As I said in my introduction, I have a lot of friends that I like to see their art in the community, but I don’t have any friends (yet) in particular that seem to be on Twitter and they would probably appreciate seeing art from a place like my own community. For example, last year I got a lot of artwork from a guy who was on a site called Art.

That’s a great idea.

I don’t know if you’ll see much of art from the Art.Thats cool.

Well, I’ll see. I’ll see. I’ll see. I’ll see. Heh.

I guess that’s a pretty good way of saying that I don’t feel a huge need to participate in the Twitter world, but I’m interested to see what the next few years will bring.

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