There are a lot of rules that you can break in traffic, but there are some you should never break. This blog post will outline 11 traffic rules that you should never break when driving a car. Trust me; these laws have been designed for your safety and the safety of others on the road! – Always stop at a red light when the signal is on. When there’s no traffic, you can legally go over the limit by five miles per hour in order to turn left or make a U-turn. The exception is if your car has right of way: emergency vehicles and other law enforcement officials (except for speed cameras) have this privilege even after they’ve passed through an intersection. But always yield, especially for pedestrians at crosswalks and railroad crossings! * **Don’t drive around barricades blocking off lanes that are closed due to construction or accidents.* ** It’s not only dangerous but it could get you fined too–it costs up to $250 with three points against your driving record and one year revoked license

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