If you work in an office where there are lots of lights, it can be easy to forget that your eyes need rest. If you want to avoid eye strain and other problems like headaches, then turn off those lights! This might mean leaving the office for a bit or closing blinds when you are working at night. In this blog post we will discuss how to keep your eyes healthy by turning off those lights! Heading: What is eye strain? – Definition of Eye Strain “Eye strain, or visual fatigue, can be caused by many factors and is typically associated with computer use.” (Mental Floss) – Symptoms include blurred vision, headaches, neck pain. These symptoms are not always present but if you experience them for a long time they could lead to more serious conditions such as carotid artery disease or glaucoma. There are two types of eye strain; chronic and acute. Acute occurs when there has been an increase in the amount of stress on your eyes while chronic comes from constant exposure over many years that leads to worsening symptoms. Heading: How do I avoid it?

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