What is coherence? Coherence is a word that describes how well the actin molecules line up with one another. In order to understand what this means, let’s first talk about the structure of the actin molecule. Actin proteins are long protein chains that come together in bundles and form a helix shape. These bundles are then twisted around into cables called microfilaments. The microfilament cable is made up of two strands of actin: an inside strand and an outside strand. When these two strands are aligned with one another, they can easily bind to each other because there is no space in between them for anything else to get in-between them! This alignment gives you high coherence since it reduces any gaps that would allow for things to get in between the two strands. What does coherence do? Coherence is important because it determines how tightly actin binds to itself and other proteins. Actin uses coherence when it comes into contact with another protein or even a molecule of ATP (the energy source that powers muscle movements). The higher the coherence, the stronger these binding interactions will be. With more strength, there is less chance that anything can disrupt those bonds! This leads to stronger connections between muscles and better mobility throughout your body as well as increased stability during strenuous exercise like running up stairs or lifting weights at the gym. Some people might think this article is: Some people might see this article as being boring due to

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