The tragic hero Macbeth is a man who has been pushed to the edge of insanity and despair, but one thing that remains constant in his life is courage on the battlefield. His bravery inspires even more fighting spirit in his men as they battle for Scotland’s independence. When Macbeth is in battle, he inspires his men to do their best and fight with all they have. This happens not only when Macbeth is fighting alongside them but also as a leader from afar. When the news of Duncan’s death reaches him at war, Macbeth shows courage that sets an example for those around him: “Their king slain; / The rebel Scottish lords confounded—more needs no man!” (Ii.ii). In other words, there was nothing else more important than killing King Duncan’s murderer by any means necessary even if it meant some cowardly methods like ambushing or stabbing while unarmed. The power struggle between good and evil always puts human beings on

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