In today’s world, the media plays a crucial role in reporting important events and getting information to people across the globe. They often rely on sources who are at the scene of an incident or event in order to get their story. This blog post will discuss what a media handler does, who they need to be, how they can prepare for media inquiries and more! – What is a media handler? A media handler can be anyone, but typically it’s the person who has the most knowledge about an incident or event and what to say. They often have experience in crisis communications as well. In this blog post we’ll look at how they handle inquiries from members of the press on behalf of their organization – usually with some logistical assistance from other teams like public relations (PR) and PR specialists. When there are many people present during a major emergency or disaster situation, someone will need to take up responsibility for coordinating information flow so that no one gets left out of conversations! – Who needs to be a Media Handler? I’d recommend that all organizations designate certain individuals within their team as

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