The Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) encryption protocol operates at the Network Layer of the OSI model. It is a method that protects against intrusion and hacking, especially in an untrusted environment such as the internet. IPSec protects all data packets from any form of modification or disclosure while it is being transmitted over public networks, like the internet. The IPSec protocol works on the network layer of the OSI model, and it is mainly used to protect packets as they are being transmitted over public networks. This includes any form of modification or disclosure. It can be a great way to ensure that your data remains private while you’re transmitting from one device to another across an untrusted environment like the internet. There are two main ways in which IPSec can work: encase each packet with its own encryption key (the Encapsulating Security Payload), or encrypt just certain parts of a packet’s payload (Authentication Header). The former method is considered more secure because hackers cannot easily break into these types of encrypted packages without knowing how to access all keys necessary for dec

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