Do you know how to fuel your boat? It is important to do it responsibly in order to avoid any fires or other hazards. The first thing that you need to do before fueling is shut all windows and hatches on the boat. This will keep the fumes from escaping into the air and causing a fire. Next, make sure that there are no people nearby who may get hurt by the fumes when they escape from inside of your boat. Then, put some type of containment around the area where you are going to be filling up so that if anything spills it won’t cause a mess or harm anyone outside of your boat. Next, you need to make sure that your boat is on a stable surface before opening the fuel fill cap. This will reduce the risk of any gas spilling out and causing another hazard. Always keep in mind where there are potential hazards around when fueling because it can be very dangerous if not done correctly. Once everything has been set up and ready for filling, open all windows and hatches so that fresh air can flow through as you refuel. If there was anything spilled or leaked while putting containment around your area then make sure to clean it up soon after finishing refilling your tank. Now you know how to responsibly fuel your boat!

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