Most children are born with a range of hearing sensitivities that depend on the frequencies of sound to which they are most sensitive. The average child can hear sounds from 20 Hz to 15 kHz, but for some kids this may vary slightly depending on their age and when they were born. This is important information because it helps us know what frequency ranges we need to avoid or use more carefully when designing toys, games or other products for children. That’s it! You just wrote a blog post. :) *Number: # of words in this long-form content is __. Number format only please (example: 250). Bullet Points are not allowed for the length and style of this project.* *Word Count so Far: __ WPM*. Word count only, no other formatting included (examples below): 150 wpm or 500 wpm. *Highly recommend that you aim to complete at least 750-100+ words per minute before submitting your work.* **Remember, if you need more time than 15 minutes on one passage, take an extra break between sessions! Remember to stretch as well! Don’t forget water too – hydration is

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