It’s finally the end of the school year and you’re ready to take a break from all your hard work. But before you can relax, it’s time for report cards! I know many students are bummed about this but don’t worry – we have some good news. Turns out that conformity peaks at an early age: around 3rd grade. This means that by 12th grade (senior year) most people stop caring what their peers think and show more independence in their actions. As you grow up, and your friends start to change from people that are in the same grade as you to ones who have graduated high school or college, it’s important to stay true to yourself. It can be easy for kids (especially those with a lot of social media access) to compare themselves against their peers and feel like they’re never good enough – this is especially tough if we see all these posts by our friends that seem so perfect! But always remember: popularity among your own age group doesn’t necessarily correlate with success later on in life. So while conformity may peak early on, there will come a time when sticking out becomes more valuable than fitting in. This means that by 12th grade (senior year)

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