How fast is an object moving? This seems like a simple question that should have a quick, easy answer. The truth is it all depends on the point in which you are measuring the speed of the object. In this post we will explore some of these different points and how they make an impact on your final answer. The first point of interest is the start. If you are measuring an object’s speed at its starting point or points, then it has to be going slowest since it is just getting started. The next place we will measure the speed for this particular object would be at Point C, which, as a midpoint, may not even have been moving when you measured it. It could have either moved up from B and stopped or down from A but still had no way to know if what was happening on that side yet because they were too far away. This means that objects in motion tend to stay more stationary than those that haven’t begun their journey yet (or stopped midway). For these reasons being able to determine how

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