Planning a surf trip to New Zealand? Wondering when the best time to go is? Read on for some insights that will help you plan your surfing adventure. Tides are an important factor in determining when the best time of year to visit New Zealand is. They can range from less than two feet high, to more than twelve feet high at certain times of the year. Tides are also affected by the moon and other natural forces such as storms and hurricanes, so it’s hard to know exactly what they’ll be like during any given day or month. But there are general guidelines that apply across most years. Below we’ve outlined three common types of tides: low, mid-range, and high tide with information about the lunar phase that they happen during. Low tides are typically around one to two feet high and happen at either a New Moon or Full Moon. These low tides are great for beginners as it’s easier to see what you’re doing when there is less water in front of you, but also good if you need to paddle out through shallow water with your board on shore. They can be found throughout most months, except for August and October which have few days where these occur due to their proximity to Spring (March) and Autumn (September) equinoxes respectively- meaning no sunsets caused by the moon! Mid-range tides usually range from three to five foot highs though this can vary day-to-day depending on whether

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