We all have a past, and some of us have had more action in the past than others. If you ever get an unexpected call from your ex, it’s important to consider two things before answering. The first is how much time has passed since the break-up? If too much time has gone by, then it may be best for you to take a deep breath and ignore their call. On the other hand, if only a few months or years have gone by, then it may be worth giving them a chance to hear what they want to say. When your ex approaches you, it’s important to be clear about what they want. If they’re coming back for a second chance at love and are hoping that you’ll agree, then the best thing is to tell them straight up or not answer their call in the first place. But if there’s some other reason why they contacted you, like needing help with something work related or family related? Make sure to keep an open mind before brushing off their call without listening to them out. That way both of you can have closure on whatever went wrong between the two of you while still giving yourselves another chance! “We all have a past and some people had more action than others.” “If your ex approaches me when my phone

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