bachpan ki kahani

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I have two words for you. Bachpan ki Kahani.

Bachpan ki Kahani is an Indian Indian word that means “to sing or to recite a song.” It’s also the name of the band that Bachpan Ki Kahani was formed out of.

The word itself is a play on words from the word kahani and the word ki which means to sing or recite a song. The name was chosen as a tribute from the band and as a way of explaining why they sing a lot of Indian songs (they have a great voice).

Bachpan ki Kahani has been around for a while now, and like all Indian bands, they have a great voice. The band has been in existence for a long time and have a long history as a band in India. The band has recently released their self-titled debut album and it is their only album that is not from India.

The band has been in a strange relationship for the last five years – they’ve both been in the band for the last five years. It’s a very hard relationship to have if you don’t know who’s on your side, but the fact is one of the biggest reasons why they have been in a weird relationship for the last five years is because they’re in the band. In a similar situation they just get together and have a very nice time together.

Bachpan ki kahani is a song that could be called a classic. This is because it was actually the first song that they wrote and recorded. Their debut album was supposed to be a one off, but the band didn’t have enough time to record anything. They decided to make a whole new album instead but the album was not released because they were touring. The band continued to play live, and now the record company decided to release it and they have been playing live ever since.

bachpan ki kahani is an album that features the original bandmembers playing together and performing the song along side the original bandmembers. This is a good thing because the original bandmembers are still very talented. They have a very distinct style that is very different from the rest of the band, and the song is very good. They have a unique way of doing things and they just play together very well.

The original bandmembers all have very different styles of playing and singing, so they have very different styles. They use a lot of different instruments, and we have to do everything on our own. The song itself is very strong, but that’s because it was the original bandmembers doing the music and it was the original bandmembers playing it.

The original line’sang ji kahani ji kahani’ is very similar to’sang ji ki kahani’. The first one means’sang ji ki banda kahani’. The latter,’sang ji ki kahani ji kahani’ means’sang ji ki banda kahani’, so you can just replace’sang’ with ‘banda’ and that should be fine.

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