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For this badishep in marathi, the story doesn’t have to end. The story is still the same.

In badishep, we’re going to be taking on a group of marathi warriors. The first one is named Badi and he is a man who has just been promoted to captain of the group. The second one is named Khushi and he is the leader of the group. The most dangerous one is named Bipankar and he is a young man who is supposed to be in love with Bipankar’s sister.

You’ll probably see Badi and Khushi fighting with the other two soon enough. Their fights will probably be interesting because they have to be fighting off a bunch of other people, as opposed to two characters fighting each other with a gun. We can’t wait to get to know the characters a little better.

Badi is a former criminal who now works as a doctor, while the older man is a former school principal who is now a businessman who has a lot of money. They are both pretty sadistic and have a lot of money though. Youll find that the two fight a lot when they become friends. The two will be back together soon enough though.

The game looks great. I love the new interface and I can’t wait to spend a lot of time exploring the world of Badishep.

Badishep is an upcoming game in the marathi rpg genre, so I am quite excited to see how many new people will like it. The game will take you on an adventure of sorts that will lead you into a world of crime, corruption, and murder. But the main goal is to save the world from itself.

Badishep was released on Steam during the winter. I think it will be released during the summer. I have no idea if it will be released on the Nintendo DS or Wii, but I am very curious to see what happens.

As a long time marathi noob, I actually didn’t even know about Badishep until now. However, I’m quite sure about what happens, and I am very excited to check out this game.

Badishep is actually a marathi horror game. So it is a bit unusual for a game in this genre. But this is not the first time a marathi game has been released. Its a game that was released in the late 80s, by Marathi developer Pradeep and his team. And it is still a very, very popular marathi game. There are many marathi horror games out there, but they are all variations on the same theme.

So you might think that if the developers have gone and created a marathi game, why not port it into English, right? Well, the truth is that this is not a very common thing to do in the Marathi game industry. There are only two games I know of where the developers have done this, and they are both rather famous. First there is the game called Paradeep. You can watch them do this if you like.

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