Best 20 Tips For Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting With S

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages in India. It has been used to write many Hindu scriptures and poetry, so it comes as no surprise that a lot of Indian baby names start with this letter. Here are 20 wonderful ideas for Hindu baby girls starting with S!

-Saraswati: The goddess of knowledge and music.

-Saisha: Goddess Sarasvati’s consort.

-Sanjana: A girl with a shining face, like the moonlight on water in late night hour.

-Shakti: The divine power that manifests itself as cosmic energy to create life and uphold all things; an aspect of God revealed during creation that is capable of both creating life or destroying it; also known as Parashakti. Shaktism is one of three major sects within Hinduism (alongside Shaivism and Vaishnavism). This philosophy considers Devi—the female divinity–to be identical to Brahman – the supreme being who creates, sustains and dissolves the universe.

-Shanti: Peaceful; without fear or anxiety.

-Sharada: Goddess Sarasvati’s consort; protector of wisdom.

-Sheela: A girl who is active and playful like a bee buzzing around flowers in gardens. She has plenty of happy energy to share with others.

-Sita: The epic heroine from Hindu mythology—a woman of pure heart, an ideal wife and mother but also one capable of courageously defending herself against those who would threaten her family’s honor; often seen as symbolizing selfless love for husband and children that every Indian bride should emulate during marriage rituals (sic) Sita had endured many trials before she was finally rescued from the captivity of Ravana, Lord of Lanka.

-Sneha: Compassionate and kind like a mother’s love for her child

-Tara: Goddess who leads those to liberation; one that grants wishes and protects all living beings in times of danger.

-Tarini: One with virtues as pure as crystal clear water. Daughter of King Vikramaditya (sic). The word Tarini is also associated with river Ganga meaning “the daughter which flows”.

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