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The News Examiner is a local news website that covers the news in the greater Connersville area. We provide you with local information about government, politics, and current events. We cover news, weather, traffic and business news.

Our news team, News Examiner, covers the entire Connersville area. We feature an online editorial section, which includes a news blog, regular updates from our news team, and a column of local news. The News Examiner has a variety of ways of reaching the public, including email, phone, and print.

If you’re a Connersville resident, or even just living in Connersville, we are your local news source. You can check out our news site,, or our website,

We are the only paper printed in Connersville. The Connersville News Examiner is a free, weekly print publication dedicated to the Connersville community. Local music, sports, entertainment, jobs, and community events are all covered.

I really like the way we put the Connersville community first. When you look at our news website, we try not to put the community on the front page, but to give you the news you need to get the information you need. We hope you enjoy reading our news.

We hope you enjoy reading the Connersville News Examiner.

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