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The telugu community is the most important part of the Telugu language and is a vital part of the cultural identity of the community.

The word dal is also known in the Telugu language as dala and as dalli. It means water. This is the most important thing to know about the Telugu language.

This is a very important thing to know about the Telugu language.

This is a very important thing to know about the Telugu language. The Telugu language is a very important part of the linguistic identity of the community. It shows that you are a member of the community, a part of the community, not just a tourist or someone who wants to speak their language in everyday conversation, but that you have a part of the community and can actually understand what they are saying and do.

In Telugu, there are two types of dals: dals that mean “good or good” and dals that mean “bad or bad”. In the context of the language, it simply means “good” or “bad”. The difference between dals that mean “good” and dals that mean “bad” is that dals that mean “good” are translated as “good.

In Telugu, the word dal is translated to dal meaning good. In this context, the word means “a part of a community”. People who are fluent in Telugu will know this usage and be able to speak and understand the meaning of all the various languages in the world.

Telugu is a part of India and it has many dialects, one of them being Telugu. All Telugu speaking people are fluent in Telugu and can speak and understand Telugu. In the same way, all Telugu speaking people are fluent in English, but can understand English only partially. Therefore, when we say good or bad in Telugu, we’re referring to the partial meaning of the word dal.

In Telugu, dal means ‘good’, as in dalasan’gulu. Dalasan’gulu is a type of dish. Dal is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘good’. The word dal means ‘good’ in Telugu has the same meaning it does in English. In Telugu dal is written as dala, a suffix that denotes the quality of the dish.

The name of this new story is “The Return of the Soul.” It’s a story of a soul who comes back as a soul and returns with its personality. In Telugu, the soul is what makes it who it is. In this story, the soul is the person who was resurrected. In English, the soul is the person who was born, has lived, was born again, is alive again, is reborn.

The Soul being the person that has lived, lived, and lived again is an interesting concept, but in our story we are talking about the person who has died, who has died, who has died again, but is living again.

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