difference between drama and novel

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This is a great question that we get asked all the time. I feel I need to explain to you a little about what is a “drama” and what is a “novel.” A drama shows an emotional state of what is going on in someone’s life that is not necessarily based on facts. A novel is an idea that is not yet a fact.

Sometimes you have to be more literal in what’s happening in your life or what’s happening in a story. When I was a child I loved to play with all my friends and my parents and every other family that I ever came to visit and play with, and every person I ever did meet or talked to that my parents and I had to live with. My mom was a very good person, and she was a wonderful person, but I never liked her enough to ask her for advice.

Some people feel like a novel is a story of the future, but I prefer it to be a character’s story. I believe that a novel is the story of the life of that character. A novel has to have a lot of characters that don’t exist in real life, or if they do, they are so boring that you don’t want to read them.

I like to think of a novel as a story that has to be told by the characters. A novel is supposed to have a plot that keeps you engaged and excited, and if it does that then it’s a novel. In a drama, like any play or play that has a plot (or a story), you are supposed to understand the characters and how they interact with each other, and then you know that you can make up any story in your head.

If a drama has a plot, then you know that its going to make sense. If you cant figure out the characters, then you cant see how you can make a story out of it. I don’t like too many drama, I like just enough to make it interesting. In a novel, I can figure out if it’s going to make sense or not, and I can make it so that I can enjoy it.

A drama should be interesting enough to entertain. If you can’t figure out how the characters in a drama are connected, you can’t figure out how a novel can make sense. A novel is, in effect, a story that you have to figure out for yourself. But a drama is a story that you are already capable of enjoying, a story you are already interested in.

For some reason, many people seem to think that a drama is essentially a book. This is a misconception. A drama doesn’t have to be about a specific character. It can be about anything, but it has to be unique. In fact, it is the very thing that sets drama apart from a novel.

A drama is a story, a story about a specific character, a story which is about an event, a story with a beginning, a story with an end, a story with a beginning, a story with an end. It doesn’t need to be about any of those things. But most people don’t understand what a novel is.

Novels are almost the same thing as a novel, but they are not. A novel is a collection of stories, stories about a specific character, a story with a beginning, a story with an end. A drama is a story, a story about anything, a story which is about an event.

In the trailer of the game, the first character is a super-villain in a costume who has just completed a mission he’s trying to make up. He asks his friend to be his pilot for a month and then goes back to the mission and goes out there with other super-villains. He’s only got one pilot, and he’s supposed to go to the next mission to get his name out in the news.

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