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dtp stands for the domain name TpI.com (the IT domain name) and the domain.com (the web site).

I’m just going to say it’s a good thing.

I’m going to go ahead and be the first to admit that our website is not a domain name. The domain name is a name assigned to the web site to indicate its origin. This is the same way that a telephone number is used, as opposed to a postal address.

What if you’re writing a blog, not a website? Maybe you should write a website for the purpose of being a blog.

For the last couple of years the domain name has been reserved for the actual website. Now it’s almost exclusively reserved for the domain name. Now if you had a domain.com and you had a domain name tpic.com it would be just two different websites. It would be confusing and pointless.

But there’s still a little confusion as to who owns the domain names. Companies like Namecheap have been selling domain names for years. Namecheap sells domain names for a very low initial price. But they also charge huge prices for renewal or transfer. Namecheap seems to be the only company that uses the same names for both websites.

This is my first attempt at explaining the difference in terms and the names.

If Namecheap is the only company that has the exact same names for both websites, then one website is a different company than the other. The company and the domain name are two separate things. If you want to buy the same domain name for two different websites, the easiest way to do this is to buy the same company. If you want to buy the same company and the exact same domain name for two different websites, the easiest way to do this is to buy a different domain name.

This can sometimes be tricky because different companies will have the exact same names. Companies like ddp, dtp, dp, and dsll do this, but you’ll have to make sure that the companies being referred to are your same exact company, not different companies. I wouldn’t recommend this, though, because if you want to use the same domain name for both websites, you’ll have to buy the same company for both websites.

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