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You know, when I first started writing this blog, I was thinking that someone would likely write this blog if I lived in Minnesota, and I thought that I would be doing that. The reality is that we’re constantly talking about the “what if” and “what if” questions.

I’m actually living in Phoenix, Arizona, though, which is a huge help because I’ve been living there for a year, and I’m living in the same house with my husband and two beautiful little daughters.

I am also a full-time school teacher, and I also teach at a preschool. Which means I am constantly doing stuff on the computer that I wouldn’t have the time to do when I was teaching full-time. Also, the internet has really helped us when it comes to keeping track of everything that we do…especially when it comes to our finances. And, if you’re wondering, I am also a certified financial planner.

I also do my homework. I can’t write at all, even when I’m in a group setting, and the only time I’m in it is when I have to use my laptop to read and write the text. This is so important to me because I have to keep writing as I do, and I need to do the work on paper instead of doing it all on my computer.

Well the reason I know a lot about computers is because I am a technology nut, so I am totally on board with this theory. When I put the pieces together, I see it as a series of five factors. One of them is the number of hours you spend on the internet. Another is your own social media involvement. A third is how much you use your credit card. A fourth is your own level of spending.

I’m pretty sure your social media is a big contributor to how much you spend. Whether you think you’re spending more or less than you should, that is the one factor you will be able to track. The amount you spend on your credit card can be a good indicator of your spending habits. If you use your credit card, there will be a record of it, and when people look at your purchases they will see that you spent a lot of money on those purchases.

I am a big believer in the old saying “if you can’t explain it to someone else, it ain’t worth explaining.” So if you’re using credit cards or some other form of credit, it is important to monitor your own spending habits. If you are spending less than you should, you could be overspending on things you do not actually need to spend on. A big part of that is the number of things you buy.

The number of things you buy is one of the biggest factors for people to remember your purchases. If you are not paying attention to the number of things you buy and the things you buy, then you will be taking out the wrong amount of credit. The second most important factor is the type of things you buy. Lots of people can have a habit of buying stuff that does not serve their needs, but you can get into trouble if you are buying stuff that you don’t need.

The number of things I buy is another thing that I have a hard time forgetting. When I buy things, I usually take out the things that I have a hard time remembering. A few months ago I bought a new laptop, and I found myself checking the little things, like the model number, before I bought it.

If you have a hard time keeping track of things or you just forget to buy something, it will be harder to buy things you need. The number of things you buy is a factor of your budget. A cheap laptop will only last you so long until its power goes out. A laptop that is not much bigger than you are could become a serious problem.

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