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The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’ve been involved in some pretty exciting things, including an exciting new project with the city of Fresno, a new job, and a really exciting conference on improving the lives of people with mental health issues.

This last one, the Fresno County Behavioral Health Conference, is one of the most important events in our community. The organizers have put together a really cool schedule, lots of speakers, and a bunch of really good workshops. We were all blown away by the first day.

One of the things I thought was unique about the Fresno County Behavioral Health Conference is that it’s free. Most conferences I’ve been to have an attendant fee, but the organizers of the Fresno County Conference are offering something called the “Towel and Water” program, a free shuttle to the conference for anyone that doesn’t have a car. All attendees were asked to wear a simple cotton shirt and a towel as a blanket, and were asked to bring a water bottle to refill.

I think the whole event was pretty neat. I think its a fantastic idea, and I’m glad to see free services like this at a conference.

It’s not a conference in the conventional sense. Fresno County Behavioral Health is a not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to providing services to individuals and families. They are very much a part of the community, and all sorts of services, from help with substance use disorder to parenting, are available to participants. The Towel and Water program seems to be a very small part of that, but a great place to start.

If you get a chance, check out their website, They have a lot of public service announcements (PSAs), a lot of great information, and a great team of staff to help you.

I think everyone should check out their website. It seems like they use a lot of the same materials and resources that other local agencies do. If you go to their website, you’ll see some great resources there as well.

If you have any experience or questions about the Towel and Water program, I really encourage you to email them and let them know you visited their site. Many of the same things that they say will help you with your decision.

The Towel and Water program is a program that helps people with behavioral health issues by giving them a place to get help from the local community. It’s run by the City of Fresno and their health department. It started in 2001 in Fresno’s first psychiatric hospital and has since expanded, now reaching over 1,000 households in Fresno.

The Fresno County Behavioral Health program is one of two countywide behavioral health programs. The other program, the Fresno County Health Department is a private company that provides free mental health services to all residents of Fresno County. I do not think you should have to live in Fresno County to get help for your mental health issues.

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