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This is a Malayalam language word which means “good”. It’s a combination of words “good” and “malayalam”. This “good” is probably the main reason why many westerners tend to dislike Malayalis.

The Malayali people are a Muslim minority group in the south east part of the country, and it is commonly believed that they have the highest rate of obesity in the world. The Malayali society has always been very religious and believes in fasting during Ramzan as well as keeping a strict diet. They do not eat pork and have very little physical contact with other human beings.

Although the Malayali diet is a strict one, there is one significant difference from the western diet. Although Malayalis tend to avoid meat and dairy foods, they do eat a lot of fish. Fish is extremely popular in Malayali cuisine. In fact, it is believed that fish is so highly regarded in the Malayali family that it can be used as a currency. This has led to a lot of confusion over the eating of fish during Ramzan.

The Malayali diet is a strict one. It is very restrictive, and it does not allow much in the way of variety, so the average Malayali is very much self-conscious about his or her diet. I have seen people even ask others with a limited diet to change their diet. This is why most Malayali’s don’t eat pork. However, that does not mean most Malayalis are vegetarians.

Malayalis are vegetarians, but the amount they can eat varies greatly. In Kerala, people are allowed to eat meat, but no seafood. In the states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, fish is allowed, and in some states, you can eat goat meat, which is a delicacy.

In addition, a person can eat any form of meat, but people in Kerala are allowed to eat only vegetarian dishes, with fish and seafood on their list. In areas of Kerala with less restrictions, people eat very well with a variety of different dishes. The problem is that they have to wait until these dishes are ready, and wait is not something most people have.

People in Kerala have a bad time in restaurants because they can’t keep their food waiting. In restaurants and stores that sell food, it’s hard to have people wait. In the end, people just eat what they are served. People in Kerala can still eat fish and seafood, but they have to wait for it to be ready.

The food in Kerala is not really ready, but the wait is. This could be because the food is so popular that the food chain that sells it does not have the ability to put it out fast enough. Either way, a lot of people in Kerala have to wait for a meal to be ready, so that means they have to have more than one meal at a time. While they wait for the food, they do something else.

Since Kerala is a southern state, and seafood is not a big deal in the region, there are a lot of people who like to eat seafood. The thing that is so appealing about it is that it is usually cooked at a restaurant. It is a little bit harder to get it at a street vendor, but it is still not an easy thing to get at home.

Kerala’s cuisine is one of the most unique in its own right. Not only that, but the region is known to have a large number of people in the region who are vegetarians. It’s a common misconception that because Kerala has so many vegetarians it means that they eat only vegetarian food, but that’s not the case. The fact is that people who have meat-eaters have to make their own meat dishes.

Keralas cuisine is very rich in meat dishes. Most of the dishes are prepared using meat, but there are several vegetarian recipes as well. The dish that I am talking about is called “Potti Mala” which is a rice dish that is made by using rice flour and spices. It is famous for the fact that it is a very nutritious dish and an easy dish to prepare. It is also a very common dish.

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