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Heavy opposite word is a very heavy, weighty, or strong word that has an opposite counterpart or opposite thing that is heavier. For example, if you use heavy opposite word in English, it means that you are very strong and will handle a lot of things.

This word is the opposite of heavy. It means that you are very weak and will handle only a little.

Heavy opposite word may have several meanings but the idea is that it is a word that is very heavy and hard to pronounce.

In English you use heavy opposed to light opposed to heavy, so you can say, “Let’s see, I’m heavy. My brother and I are lighter.” I think the reason that heavy opposite is so popular is because it sounds heavy.

You can say, my brother is heavy. It is not wrong. But for the purpose of this discussion, lets say your brother is heavy.

Now, the word heavy is also used in the phrase, My brother is very heavy. It doesn’t come from heavy opposite, it comes from light opposed which is a synonym for heavy. The reason we say heavy opposed is because it means heavy and heavy, and so the word heavy opposite is an antonym.

I think it is because the heavy word has so many meanings that it is not possible to be a very heavy person. This is where the opposite of the word heavy comes in. The opposite is light. So that word is only used if you are heavy and heavy. If you are light, you are heavier.

So the opposite of heavy is light. This means the opposite of heavy is not heavy at all.

I was thinking about this a bit yesterday and I was thinking about it today just in case I’m wrong. I was thinking that if something is heavy, it must be heavy. However, if something is light, it must be light. This means that the opposite of heavy is not heavy, but light.

Ok, so we know that heavy is the opposite of light, and light is the opposite of heavy. However, what about the words opposite and lighter? I was wondering if they are the same word.

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