hemp meaning in marathi

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Hemp meaning in marathi means the use of hemp for the production of many products.

The use of hemp for the production of many products, and for the construction of many buildings, came from the Marathi people during the colonial era of the British.

Hemp is the second most important crop in the world, and the first hemp that was grown for its oil was grown in India. It is a natural plant, and is also used for making rope and clothing.

Hemp is very versatile. One of the things that makes hemp so desirable and useful is that it is a very strong fiber that can be used in many different ways. Hemp can be used for making rope, rope making machines, rope sacks, clothing, paper products, and even to make paper.

I remember reading my first hemp article back in 1996. I was living in Colorado and the article was written by a person who grew hemp for his business. It was a hemp seed oil that was extracted by boiling the hemp seeds in water and then separating the oil. It was a lot of ground up hemp seeds and it was called hemp oil. I was all excited about hemp. I was a big fan of hemp, and I read the article, but I didn’t understand the meaning of hemp.

The word hemp comes from the Indian word “hankan” which means raw or unprocessed. That same word also refers to a plant that grows naturally in the high mountains of India and Nepal. It’s also the root word for “hemp”, which is a common plant in the Americas.

The word hemp is also used in the United States for the seeds used to make rope. So hemp rope is a lot like hemp oil, but for rope.

Hemp rope comes in many different lengths. The rope of the same length is used for the same purpose (cutting), so for a hemp rope, you would have to measure your rope in exactly the same manner that one would measure cotton rope. The rope of the same length will also have the same thickness (about 0.8 meters) but can be made of a variety of fibers. Hemp rope for example will have different fibers in the middle.

Hemp rope is used in many applications like making ropes and tying cords, where you want the rope to be of the same length, and with the same thickness. However, hemp rope is also used to make ropes that are different lengths. The rope of a different length can be used to tie a variety of things like fishing lines, ropes, and cinching cords.

In India there are a lot of hemp plantations. In fact, there are so many hemp plantations that you can actually see them growing all around the country. They can be grown in the greenest of fields, or in the rainiest of forests. The fact is that hemp is already being used as a fiber. In fact, it’s already been used to make ropes and cloth.

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