hindu baby boy names starting with s in hindi

– Sanskrit names starting with the letter ‘S’ include Samyak, Sakhya and Sakshi.

– If you want to name your baby boy in honor of a deity then Shiva is a good choice. There are multiple versions of this god’s name as well such as Shad or Shambhu.

– Some other popular Hindu boys names for babies that start with an “s” sound are Siddharth, Sidhanath and Sitanshah.

– Other great choices for parents looking for Hindu baby boy names beginning with the letter “s” are Soumya, Sudarshan and Shankara.”

– Names starting with “Sh” include Shiva, Shakti and Shami.

– If you want to name your baby boy after a Hindu deity then Soma is a good choice. This god has multiple versions of the name such as Somdatta, Somnath or Soni.”

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Blog Title: “Best Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With “S”!”

Maintaining an Indian cultural identity is important to a lot of people, and the best way that you can do this is by naming your baby boy after one of their gods. The Hindus have many different names for boys so if you are trying to find a name then scroll on down! Here are some great Hindu baby boy names starting with the letter “s.” Some other popular choices include Siddharth, Sidhanath and Sitanshah.”

Some other popular Hindu boys’ names for babies that start with an ‘s’-sound are Soumya, Sudarshan and Shankara.’ Other names that start with the letter ‘s’ are Shiladitya, Suresh and Vikram.

Siddharth is a great name for Hindu boys because it means “he who achieves his goals.” Sidhanath translates to “fire-god” and Sitanshah means “lord of demons.” Soumya or Sumitra can mean being one who shines brightly, which reflects their inner self as well as what they do in life. Sudarshan has arguably the most symbolic meaning out of all these names because it signifies the destructive power of fire. Shankara literally stands for an emperor among men.’

The other popular choices like Suresh, Siddhartha and Sorabji signify

The most popular Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with S are Shanil, Shivin and Shaurya.

Shanil – This name means “handsome” in Hindi or Sanskrit. In Korean it translates to “the small Shani.”

Shivin – Meaning: Shiva’s Lord; Beautiful One (Hindi) | Shi- Shin- Jin (Japanese). It is also a common first name for people of Indian origin especially those who follow the Vaishnava tradition.

Shaurya – The meaning of this word is bravery and strength both mentally and physically which has been attributed to God Rama by Valmiki Ramayana when he asked Hanuman about his whereabouts during his search for Seeta.

The Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with S are Shanil, Shivin and Shaurya.

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Sahajanand Swami (born 1891) was a Hindu yogi and saint. He established the Divine Life Society in 1936, which is headquartered at Rishikesh, India near the Himalayas . Sahajananda advocated that yoga should be made available to all people regardless of gender, age or caste . Sadhvi – A woman who has been initiated into one of several forms of Hinduism by a religious guru. She typically wears white clothes as an outward sign of her purity and avoids physical contact with men outside her family members so she does not pollute herself. Her married name may be prefixed with “Ma” for mother or “Sa” for sister depending





Sambandhaa Saarvabhoumaa ..etc. from the Hindu Dharma, is a name for someone who has attained perfect knowledge; it is one of the ten Avatars of Vishnu. It also means “Supreme wisdom”. In some sources, Sukriti (ajnna) and Sastri are said to be two different entities because they have different functions in creation. For instance, according to Ramanuja’s commentary on Brahma Sutras: Suksmrti creates objects that were not previously existent while SastrI preserves what already exists by making them visible,” as translated by Radhakrishnan and Moore.

Sachin is a Hindu baby boy name of Sanskrit origin meaning “the earth, the ground”. In mythology, it was one of six sons born to Diti and sage Kashyapa. Sachi appears in Puranas as an alternative form for goddess Lakshmi with whom she shares many qualities such as being consort to Vishnu or Brahma (depending on tradition), similar iconography where they are depicted seated next to each other on a lotus flower, their celebration day coinciding together – Diwali etc.

Sadanand means” happy home”, has its roots from Sadhu which literally mean good family man who leads a righteous life.” The word sadhu comes from the Sanskrit word sadhana which means “practice.”

Sadhguru is a Hindu baby boy name of Sanskrit origin meaning” one who can control himself”. The term sayagnya or sanyasi comes from the same root and literally means “one with controlled senses”. This has been cited as an example of how different words have developed separate meanings over time in various languages, but their etymological roots are the same.

Suhrut is a Hindu baby boy name that derives its origins from Aryans worshipping sun god Suryanarayan (Sun God) to be offered with water during Pradosh on Shravani Amavasya day after praying for divine favour. Suhrut means peace, calm and tranquility.

Siva is an ancient Hindu baby boy name of Sanskrit origin that refers to the destroyer god in Hinduism. The word ‘Shiva’ comes from a root meaning “to be cool,” which relates to Surya, or the sun’s light and energy on earth; it also finds its roots in another related word for moon-chandra (Chandrama).

Smith is not a hindu baby boy name but can be used by any religion as their first or last names. Smith derives from either Old English smið ‘metalworker’ combined with -smyth (-smith) —which was used generically for carpenters—or else derived from Middle English smit, meaning ‘to knock’ or ‘strike.’

Shivanath is a hindu baby boy name of Sanskrit origin that refers to Shiva in his aspect as destroyer. The word ‘Shivana’ derives from the root word Shiv which has two meanings: it means peace and tranquility while also referring to Lord Shiva himself. This association comes from when devotees would offer water (shiva) to be offered with water during Pradosh on Shravani Amavasya day after praying for divine favour. Suhrut means peace, calm and tranquility.

Suhaan is a Hindu baby boy name of Hindi origin that refers to one who brings happiness and joy into your life through an “Saravanaa”: Meaning- “Abundance of wealth.” A name representing a lot of stamina and dedication. Patron saint is Shiva. Varuna: Meaning- “God who resides in water.” Guardian deity for sailors, especially those going to the ocean. Protector also from natural disasters relating to floods and storms related to water such as earthquakes or tsunamis. Patrons are Vishnu and Lakshmi; Varuna’s wife is Soma (moon). Savitar: Meaning-“Sun god”. The son of Vivasvat (sun) and Saranya (lightning), Savita was created out of fire by Brahma so that he could serve his father Vivasvant with light at

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