how many lakhs make a crore

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This is a question we often get asked in India. As per the Indian government, there are about 1.6 crore people in India. If you take this number and multiply it by 1,000,000, the answer is how many lakhs make a crore. The number itself is based on the word lakhs. A lakh is a thousand. A crore is a billion. So you will find this number everywhere.

The answer is just about 1,000.

The most popular word in India is “pilgrimage”. This is a word in India that people use to refer to the fact that their actions are taken. A person using the words “pilgrimage” can be called a slacker or a thief. Many of us have spent an entire day in a police station begging for a loan to buy weapons.

The word lakhs is most commonly used in India to refer to the number one rupee in a bank account. In other words, a lakhs of rupees is 1 rupee. But that’s not the only use of the word lakhs. It is also the most common word used in India to refer to a single rupee coin. Just to show you how rare the word is, a lakh is one thousand and a crore is one billion.

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