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We all have our favorite pair of shoes, that pair of shoes that we always put on at the store and that pair of shoes that we wear around the house. We all have the things that we want to wear and wear them. We could be wearing those shoes all day and then at the end of the day they go back on the shelf. I love the thought of wearing something new.

All of this is true, but in this video, the guys in polish are wearing these new shoes as a pair of shoes that we love to wear.

In Polish we have a phrase that pretty much sums up our whole philosophy. “I love you in polish”. “I love you in polish”, meaning we love the idea of wearing something that we find beautiful, but we also love that it makes you look good. We’re not trying to say that we are obsessed with what we are wearing. The idea is that we love something just the way we like it and we like making ourselves look good in it.

I like your look in polish too. It’s really cute.

Well, that’s a big first step in the right direction. I think the problem is that we have a tendency to say “I love you in my shoes” when we really mean “I love you in my own shoes.

There is a difference. When we are saying “I love you in my shoes” we are referencing the way we like to dress ourselves, rather than a physical relationship between two people. The reason we say we love you in our shoes is that we’re referring to the way we like our bodies (or what we like about ourselves) and the way we like our relationships to look, rather than a specific physical arrangement.

I don’t know if we should have just called that off, but there are a lot of similarities in our way of thinking in regard to how we like our relationships. I think it has to do with the ability to look at the relationship between our bodies (and your body) which can be a bit tricky. The brain can’t separate the different parts of a relationship, but it can often work to that end.

The problem is that it can be hard to look beyond the physical with how we feel about the physical. We tend to feel as if we have superpowers because we have control over our bodies at our fingertips, and that’s what we think is going on here.

We all have our feelings about our bodies. But it’s those feelings that we are able to ignore. I think it’s because the brain is so incredibly capable of sorting the different parts of our body into smaller parts. It can quickly separate the parts that are hard to separate, like the brain and the fingers, into a separate part of the body that can be separated in its own way.

If you’ve been at school for a while, you’ve probably seen what we look for in schoolwork. We may be able to recognize our brain cells and then see them in the schoolwork. But when we talk to our brain cells, it will often come back to us as a whole. That will be the case in schoolwork.

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