is air a mixture

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Air is more than just air. It is a mixture. It is a combination of air and gas. It is the combination of gases that are heavier than air and lighter than gas. It is the combination of gases that contain oxygen and are usually liquid. It is the mixture of gases that contain a higher percentage of carbon dioxide than oxygen and are usually gas.

Air molecules are heavier than gas molecules. They can be heavier than helium and heavier than carbon dioxide. They can also be heavier than carbon dioxide, because the helium is heavier than carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is heavier than helium, because carbon dioxide is heavier than helium. Carbon dioxide can also be heavier than helium, because helium is heavier than helium.

Carbon dioxide is the same color as carbon. But when you exhale, you exhale carbon dioxide. Because of the difference in density, exhaling carbon dioxide is heavier than exhaling helium. Exhaling carbon dioxide is heavier than exhaling helium. Air molecules are heavier than helium molecules.

At a certain point, people are going to think that they are taking out a bunch of people. There’s a reason why the name “dirtball” comes up in this trailer. Because if you take out a bunch of people, it’ll get bigger and better, which is good. It’s because people are going to think that they are taking out someone’s brain. In this case, though, the brain is a huge brain. The brain has a lot of brain cells.

the problem is air is heavier than exhaling helium. The reason is because air molecules are heavier than other molecules. So, if you have a lot of air, and you exhale a lot of helium, then you get a lot of air. The issue is that you then can’t breathe. At that point, you can’t breathe at all because your brain can’t get enough oxygen. This is a problem because the way you breathe is dependent on your brain.

Brain is definitely the most important organ in the body. Just like the heart and lungs, the brain is important in the sense that it controls a lot of your body’s functions. The body is an amazing machine that works hard to keep us alive, but the brain is the one that controls us. We can put new cells into the brain, but it’s a lot harder than it looks to get the brain to produce new cells or to repair old ones.

The brain is a giant brain, and its function is to maintain the body. It is composed of many different cells, but it is the only organ that is constantly in action. Every cell processes information from the outside world, and the brain takes that information and organizes it into a form that the body can understand and use. The brain is always working, and if it isn’t, it will shut down.

The only thing that keeps the brain operating is oxygen. This is because to keep the brain from shutting down it has to get enough of the right kinds of nutrients. In order for the brain to function properly, there are two requirements. First, the brain needs to have an appropriate amount of glucose present. Second, the brain needs to have the right kind of oxygen present.

The BrainGuru team has all the facts you’ll ever need about the physiology of the human brain. They’re currently using a technique called “fMRI”, which uses a very high quality radio frequency to measure the electrical activity of your brain. They’ve been getting a lot of interest from the medical community for the past few years, so they are now taking the “brain to brain” approach to studying how it works.

The reason we need brain glucose is to get fuel into our brains. Brain glucose is one of the most important nutrient supplies we need. Glucose is used to make energy for the body and to fuel the brain. Without glucose our bodies would go into a deathly coma as its not able to produce energy, oxygen, and much of the other building blocks that our brains need.

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