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I am the author of joothan. The book is a compilation of my daily journal entries and thoughts on life, love, and relationships. I started in 2007 to help me stay more in touch with my sense of self.

The book is about a guy who went through a lot of stuff in his life and then found a reason to write it down. He decided to name his book “joothan,” which means “to be with” in Welsh. It’s a lovely sentiment that I’m sure many of you have noticed as you’ve been reading the book, but that’s because you’ve been reading it. It’s also about a guy with a lot of experiences and experiences with a lot of people.

In this book joothan says that he can be a man of few words. While his book is the story of a guy with a lot of experiences, it doesn’t mean that he’s a bad person. He’s just not a terrible guy. He just doesn’t like to speak up when he thinks that everyone will find him to be a jerk.

While many of joothan s activities are fairly tame, he does have some really strong opinions about some things. He says “You’re a man. You can do anything you want. You just have to get the courage to do it.” Hes really not that bad of a guy. He also says “You have a life, even if you dont know it yet. You can do so much with it because you have so many choices.

What he has to say about people is pretty harsh, but what he says about himself and his life is pretty sweet. He says a lot of the things you would expect him to say about himself, but it also shows a lot of what joothan really thinks about himself and other people. If you are someone who is very opinionated, think about how you would feel if you found out you were the subject of a very harsh and harsh opinion.

It makes you want to read this book. It would be difficult to not find this book very interesting and interesting to look at. It is a fascinating book.

joothan is a story about joothan’s life and his childhood. The book has a very clear narrative that leads into his life and his experiences. He discusses his father’s death in his story and his own childhood and his relationship with him. It is hard to not be drawn to the book with this kind of narrative. It helps when you have a personal story that you can relate to in your own life.

We’re going to look at the other titles here and see which one is the best for us.

Joothan’s story is not just about his childhood. It is about his experiences as he grew up. The narrative is very clear and detailed, with a lot of information about his life that we can use to our advantage. It is a very well written story.

I think it was quite clear that this is the story of his life. The story is told from the point of view of the main character. This is not to say we shouldn’t be worried about the main character, but in my opinion he is the main character and that is what the book is about. The story is written from his perspective and there is no one else who is in the story.

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