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kadalai (pronounced kah-DAL-ee) is the Tamil word for “to be naked”. This is a phrase which is used to describe someone’s mental/emotional/physical state. One would think that being naked would be the most obvious thing to use, but it is not at all. As with many other life topics, there are “levels” to kadalai.

It may be used as a metaphor of sorts, but kadalai is used in many contexts. For example, it is often used to describe something that’s sad, painful, or embarrassing. It can also be used in a positive sense, to describe something that’s funny. It can also be used to describe an individual’s sexual orientation, or an animal’s sexual behavior.

The meaning comes a bit from kadalai’s usage in Greek. The word “kadalai” is usually translated as “to be naked,” but it can mean “to have sex” or “to be naked.

The most often used translation is as “being naked”. The word is also used to describe the act of having sex or being naked.

So kadalai is used in a positive sense in a sentence, to describe something good, but its meaning is somewhat negative. Kadalai can also be used in a negative sense, to describe something bad, as in, kadalai is bad, or to describe something embarrassing, painful, or embarrassing. The meaning is usually defined by the context it is used in.

Kadalai can therefore be used as an informal way of saying it is embarrassing to be naked.

It’s also a way of saying something is sexual in its meaning, by using words like kadalai, or sex, to describe the act of having sex.

The thing with Kadalai is that it has two different meanings to different people. It is used to describe something bad. Kadalai can also be used to describe something bad, but in that form it can be a compliment, like “kadalai is good”. The meaning of kadalai is usually defined by the context it is used in.

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