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When I am in a bad mood and not feeling like myself, I end up taking drugs because that just makes me feel better. Like I said, I take most drugs to make me feel better, but I use them to deal with my moods. I know that many of the people who take drugs feel bad for a while after the drug wears off, but I don’t.

If I take drugs for the wrong reason, it is not because I am mentally ill. It is because I don’t understand the effects of the drug on my brain. I’m not going to be able to feel better if I take drugs for the wrong reasons.

I’ve been taking drugs for years, but I’ve never been addicted. I love them, but I don’t need them to feel great. I have a tolerance to my moods, and I still feel great most of the time. I just happen to be on them because I like them. My own tolerance is at its highest point, and Im not addicted.

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