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Lexington News Gazette has been dedicated to covering the Lexington, Ohio area since 1922. It’s the town’s hometown newspaper, with a circulation of over 300,000. The paper has won numerous awards and honors, including a Gold Award from the Ohio Press Association in 2011 for its coverage of the American Civil Liberties Union.

In the spring of 2014, Lexington News Gazette had itsown news magazine, and the paper’s editorial page has since gone digital. It’s dedicated to covering the people of Lexington that love the outdoors, and to keeping their kids interested in the outdoors. While we’re at it, we’re proud of the coverage of the area around the campus.

A year ago, we were lucky enough to be able to get the first (and only) of our first three full-length print editions of Lexington. The first edition was the one we were given and the second edition was the one we weren’t given. We received the cover by way of a Facebook page, and now we’re getting our first two pages.

I don’t know about you, but I like to read about the great outdoors, and Lexington is the city that I have a soft spot for. We also had our first full-length print issue of Lexington/Lexington News, and it was great. You really need to read the last two issues of Lexington for yourself though, because I think we may have a few of you folks interested in reading those, as well.

The Lexington news section of our site is the main resource for all of our features and articles. We also run a lot of the articles and features on the Lexington News website that you can access in Lex.com.

While Lexington is a great place to live, we also have a great deal of great reading there. You’ll find an extensive collection of features on the Lexington News website, with links to other articles and features on our site as well. If you’re interested in reading the stories, features, or articles from Lexington News, be sure to check Lex.com.

For many years, Lex.com has been a great place to get the latest news about the Lexington area. But it seems that there has been a shift in Lex.com traffic over the past few years. In the past, Lex.com was a great place to get the latest breaking news about Lexington and the surrounding areas. Even if you were not a resident of Lexington, Lex.com would have gotten you the latest local and regional news in your area. Now, Lex.

This change in traffic to Lex.com has been happening for quite some time. Some of you may remember that the old Lex.com had a traffic cap, where we had to make sure we were getting traffic from Lex.com. But that is no longer the case. Lex.com has now gone from being a great source for local and regional news to a site that is often the primary source for local news in the Lexington area. You cannot tell if Lex.

I’m not sure I’m ready to move to Lex.com yet, but I’m sure I will be in the near future. If you’re in the Lexington area and have any questions, feel free to call us at the Lex.com office at (859) 556-5100. Lex.com is one of the fastest growing sites on the web and that growth is only going to continue.

The Lex.com website was created with the goal of being the number one source of local news in Lexington. Lex.com offers a variety of local and regional news, from sports, to business, and everything in between, along with a number of events and conventions. The site has expanded into a number of other niches, including entertainment, lifestyle, and even health. When Lex.

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