mahatma gandhi ko kisne mara

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This is my favorite quote from the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It has been around for years and yet, I still struggle with it. I always feel like I should say it, but I never do. This is a quote that I believe I can apply to a lot of things in life. I don’t know if it’s the words, or the meaning, or the whole package, or the repetition, but I just feel this message in my soul.

Mahatma Gandhi was an enlightened man who understood that love and hate were two sides of the same coin. But I think he also understood that there are many who wouldn’t consider hate a good thing, which is why he was so important in Gandhi’s life. He was the first person to set the framework in his life and that’s why Gandhi was such a part of his life. So Mahatma Gandhi understood that love and hate were two side of the same coin.

Mahatma Gandhi was a great man, but he was also a great man who did all the right things. He was the first man who really made it possible for people to be happy, but also to be happy, because he truly didn’t feel that way.

The best thing about Gandhi was that he was a man who saw the truth, but didn’t necessarily show it. He was a man who was so honest that he didn’t hide his thoughts or beliefs. He was a man who believed that love had to be reciprocated, but that all love has to be shared. He was a man who saw that the world was filled with inequalities, racism, and injustice, and he just didn’t care.

Gandhi was also a man who was so good that he didnt even care if people werent happy. He was a man who was so genuine and unapologetic that he was truly the most hated man in the world. He was a man who was so genuine that he would be the most hated man in the world, simply because he was so real.

In a recent interview, Gandhi said that he was proud of all his work, and that he was proud of his work in the struggle for equality and human rights. He also said that he felt that his ideas and his voice were important. He said that his ideas and his voice were important because no matter how horrible the world was, he was always going to be there to help change it.

Gandhi was not an American. He was born in India, lived in England, and spent most of his life in India, working with the British in India until his death. He was only in India for a short time, while working on the idea of a national and international boycott of the oppressive British Empire. Gandhi was born a poor man in a village in India. By the time he was a young man, he was living in a town surrounded by poverty.

Like most of us, Gandhi was raised to hate the British. During his lifetime, he was often called a “terrorist”, a “racist”, and a “hater” by the British. He was also often called “un-American” by the American government. Gandhi was even accused of being a spy. He was never a communist or a socialist, but he wasn’t on the same page as anyone else.

I think it’s a shame that the British government wasn’t able to put a stop to Gandhi’s life. It was too soon after his death to move on.

In his autobiography, Gandhi says that India was ruled by British power for over a century before he was old enough to be taken into the army. So there are a few reasons why the British government might have done a better job at stopping Gandhi’s life’s work. The British government might have had a vested interest in keeping Gandhi from doing this work, or they might have wanted to keep him from doing it too early in his life.

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