mahatma gandhi ko kisne mara

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My last name is Gandhi and I wear it proudly. However, I don’t think I could live with myself if I did not have a sense of selflessness and I love the way I am perceived, no matter what. I have no problem with what others think or say about me, and I do not take it personally. In fact, I find it quite endearing.

Of course, I’m not referring to the way I’m perceived by others. I’m referring to my own perception of how I am perceived. I am quite aware that I have a few people who have criticized me privately, and others who make comments or share them publicly. I have no problem with criticism. To the contrary, I find it interesting and entertaining when people criticize me, and I appreciate the chance to be a part of a community that appreciates my contributions.

So in my daily life I am a member of a group that is very accepting of criticism, especially criticism that is constructive. I am also a member of a group that is very intolerant of criticism. This does not mean that I cannot disagree with criticism, but I would rather have constructive criticism than not have any at all.

I have always liked Gandhi’s philosophy, which is to not get involved with the system of things. My philosophy is very simple, you do not need to join organizations, and you just do things your way. In this way the world is more peaceful and peaceful people can be. It’s not necessary for you to join any organization to be a good person. If you do not need or want to join an organization then you do not need to even be thinking about it.

So I am a big fan of Gandhis philosophy, but I also really like the idea of peace in the world. I believe that if we can use our power wisely, it can make a huge difference. I also think that everyone has a right to have his own ideas. But I do not think that the Gandhis philosophy should be used to control other people’s life. It doesn’t need to be.

There are a lot of organizations out there that people like the Gandhis are associated with. Gandhi’s philosophy is very much part of the Indian way of thinking, but I think that we need to separate Gandhis philosophy from its followers. Instead, I think we should give people the freedom to be who they are. Like anyone else, Gandhi was wrong. He was wrong when he thought that there is a right and wrong way to live your life.

Like everyone else, Gandhi was wrong. He was wrong when he thought that the Indian way of life is better than the Western way of life.

I think that we need to give people the freedom to express their opinions. It is a right to be able to say what you want, to not be afraid to say what you think, to show your opinion to people when you want to. If you want to express your opinion about the way India should grow, it is not wrong to say this, or that, or that, or this. If you are not afraid to say what you think, then you have the right to do so.

This is an argument that goes against the grain of many western thinkers. They say that the reason they feel so strongly about the way they live, is that they are oppressed and they are oppressed because they are born in a certain way. They are told what they should do and what they should not do. This is why they feel so strongly about freedom. I am not against people taking the path of the oppressor, I am against people being enslaved by oppression.

What is wrong with people being oppressed? It’s wrong to oppress people and make them feel oppressed.

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