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Mata Shabd roop is a delicious stew made by adding fresh vegetables and spices to your stew for an extra-rich sauce. It is also a great way to spice up your homemade creations with veggies and herbs.

Roop is a term used for any type of vegetable dish, but the most common is the Italian vegetable soup. I think I might have seen this recipe somewhere, but it looks easy enough to make and tastes great.

It’s basically a stew. If you don’t want to eat it in the dark, then this is a good way to make it. It’s a classic meal or an end-of-season dish, that makes the perfect pairing between fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, and more.

This recipe is a great example of the many ways that this great thing called “vegetables” can blend with our whole meals. It’s a great example of how I can make a simple soup full of vegetables (like tomatoes, onions) and still end up with a dish that tastes so much better. The recipe is easy to make and easy to eat, and it is a recipe that doesn’t take any time at all to make.

I will admit that this recipe is really easy to make. All of the ingredients that I have listed are readily available in most grocery stores and most supermarkets in the US. My only challenge is finding good-quality fresh tomatoes. I used the most readily available ones, the ones that have long red stems. I also used fresh herbs, a blend of fresh and dried spices, and freshly squeezed juice from the tomatoes. All of that makes it a recipe that will last for a long time.

The first time I made this recipe, I was so excited that the ingredients had to be added. I made it a couple of times, and the result was the very best I could do at the time. It wasn’t a recipe I wanted to make, but I can easily do it.

I used to have a salad bar in my lunch box with the tomato paste and a few fresh basil leaves. I don’t know where I went wrong, but I also used a little salt and pepper to make the dressing. The only thing different about this recipe is that it’s slightly more active, but that’s something I have trouble getting used to. It’s got some red pepper flakes floating around it and some little green pepper flakes.

The key to this dish is to not use too much red pepper, and instead use a little bit of green pepper. The red pepper is so great because it gives it a nice flavor, but if you add too much red pepper the seasoning turns to too much flavor and it becomes a little harsh. You can also use any kind of fresh basil leaves, but the basil leaves I used were really small, and I think they looked really nice to me.

The best part of the dish is the red and green pepper flakes, which are part of this dish’s unique flavor. It’s a great dish to have to hand because it doesn’t overpower the other flavors in the dish. Plus, it’s really fun to throw together and you can do it in the microwave. It’s also easy to make if you have a lot of green peppers. A little goes a long way.

I used to really like this dish and now I can’t taste the basil.

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