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OMAM is an Arabic word that can mean: a person of knowledge or experience, an imam.

So if you think of a Muslim as an imam, then every Muslim is an omam. The only way to be an omam is if you are one yourself.

I think it is interesting that the word omam is used as a word for Islamic teachings. The word is also used in other languages to mean a person who is a specialist in something. The definition of this word in English is “learned” or “experienced.” So in this case, omam in English means a person who is an expert or experienced in a certain field.

So if you want to know what it means to be an omam, you might want to check out this video below. I’m not too sure about the way the word was used, but it does give you a good idea of what you might be getting yourself into. It also shows us that all Muslims are not just omams.

I have to admit that I don’t really know what a’specialist’ is. I also don’t know what an ‘experienced’ is either. So in the case of the word omam, I’m pretty sure the word means ‘an expert in something’ rather than ‘a person who is an expert in something’.

Oh, it’s a little weird that you’ve been asked to link to a web page that looks like, “Hello, I’m a website user.” It’s like having a new home on your computer, so when someone asks you to link to a site that looks like this, you’ve been asked to do so. And that’s quite a lot of stuff.

As you might be able to guess, the website we are linking to is actually a web comic. The comic is called Omam in English and it features a world of people who are not actually living at all, but instead have a new home that is constantly being rebuilt. It’s kind of a creepy, yet hilarious, twist on the idea of a comic book.

The fact that people are building a new home on their computer, and then doing all kinds of weird things to it, is actually quite interesting. At its heart, this whole thing is just an excuse to build a better computer. But since the whole thing is about building a better computer, it could actually be a great excuse to watch a horror movie.

It’s a great and exciting idea, and one that I’m excited to see come out in the coming weeks.

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